The caterpillar spends a lifetime of growth and survival unaware of the beauty that hides inside.  Suddenly, without effort, he becomes one of the Creator's most beautiful creatures with an entirely different way of life--of flight and flowers.  Caterpillar just is.  The butterfly is the natural outcome.  From caterpillar you can learn the value of being WHO you are naturally, learning to accept and allow your natural gifts to unfold naturally.  Like caterpillar you can take your experience into the center of your being, there to discover the richness of Mother Earth and the creative power of Father Sky.  Caterpillar sees tragedy in the abrupt change of his normal way of living.  Butterfly knows that the illusion of "tragedy" is an opportunity to grow and become.  You can choose to let go of your belief in tragedy. Tragedy is the judgment you place upon your experience and it hides another truth.

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2001, Allen Aslan Heart
Inside the Chrysalis
he could not know
the Mystery he held,
that from the homely caterpillar
a butterfly would grow,
that what he thought was tragedy
had only set him free
to be the forest's gift of love
the wings of liberty.
                       allen aslan heart
Butterfly Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
Dream Catcher Gallery Room 4
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