Dream Catcher Gallery Room 1
Heart Dreams DreamCatchers                                 $14

This dream catcher is on a leather thong so that it lies next to your heart.  Dreams shower upon you from the Dream Keeper even during the day.  When you dream at night you are asleep, and when you receive the dreams of the day you are fully conscious and can receive the treasures in full awareness.  If you walk lightly on Mother Earth you are able to feel the sissagwad, the soft wind of spirit, and you can receive guidance and teaching directly from Geedzhee Manidou, the Great Spirit.  This tradition among the Ojibwe people is called manidoog' and it is the source of all of the stories and traditions.  You can learn from Spirit directly if you are ready to listen with your heart and walk in balance with your mind.
Sun and Moon DreamCatchers                                $26

The sun and moon represent the duality that we create from the underlying oneness of the universe.  The moon changes, the sun is changeless, they are as different as day and night, and yet they are One in the seamlessness of reality.  They teach us that we, too, are connected to everything else in the Web of Life.  That which is outside the world of time and space is also within it because it is not limited.  This is the Dance of the Spiral, the All that is everywhere and no-where at the same time and is not, spiralling into and out of existence, within time and timeless, defined in space and indefinable.
Sun and Moon  Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
Dream within a Dream DreamCatcher                     $28

Deep inside your dreams are the hidden dreams of your True Self.  Dreams from the inner realms find their way through the dreams of the outer world to reveal Who you Really Are.  Your shadow Self and your positive Self guide your journey for you learn from both the shadow and the light.  In many Native American traditions the coyote is the teacher--trick or treat.  Sometimes you resist a learning opportunity so Coyote becomes the trickster.  Then you will learn inspite of yourself.  Coyote will trip you, make you stumble, allow you to make fools of yourself, play games with you, tease and toy with you, and laugh.  You will dance with Coyote until you learn to Dance the Spirals.
Dream within a dream  Dream Catcher of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
I dream that I dream
and inside my dream
I dance my song,
of living and learning,
becoming strong
and wise and free,
always turning,
flowing like the river
with the power inside me
moving mountains
of illusion and ego
slowly to the sea. 
                    allen aslan heart

This is for those whose eyes now wish to see,
for those whose ears now wish to hear,
who faintly recall who they really are
                     and now would remember another world backstage
                                                   You are more than you seem,
                                                    life is the Theater of Dream.
                                                    You wrote the part,
                                                     choreographed the dance,
                                                     selected the set and scene.
                                                                      allen aslan heart

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2001, Allen Aslan Heart
Dream Star DreamCatchers                                   $28

The blazing power of the Dream Star sends brilliant, clear light to illuminate every corner of your being.  Seeing clearly Who you Truly are, you can acknowledge your greatness and let go of the foolish, unnecessary games you play, the patterns that keep you from realizing your authentic natural right and heritage.  Peace can only come from within, and your dreams provide insight and courage to soar with the White Eagle.  There is no path to this spiritual awakening for you are already there but you have hidden your light in a veil of illusion.  You only need to clear away the systems of belief that limit your freedom to BE.
Dream Catcher Gallery Room 2
Red, this living morning light,
hours after dawn.
The sun has crossed the magic line
that gathers close the night
to meet the moon and share the sky
by merging into one.
The dimming of the day affords
the brilliant flash of starry sport
as all around me flames cavort
and dance the rhythms of the stars.
My soul and body tuned
with a dark and blazing moon,
I AM one in the loving Cosmic Heart
My dream awake
the Breath of Sleep
to stir my being as I make
my Pilgrimage
through sunlit Deep
until I find my home aright
in star-bright heavens
of the night.
                  allen aslan heart
Dream Star, Dreamcatcher of the Seventh Fire
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The Seventh Fire, an Ojibwe Prophecy
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Heart Dreams of the Dream Catcher Heritage Collection of the Seventh Fire by White Eagle Soaring
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Since February 16, 2001
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Soaring wiith the White Eagle
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