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This is a site dedicated to all the U.S. Pulsar NX's
and Australian EXA's, stock or modified.
As we all know here in the United States, the Pulsar has truely diminished from the auto enthusiast.  But on the other hand there are many Pulsar lovers still out there, just not known.  Many of you who own or owned a Pulsar say many positive things about this little car.  I have heard many people say that within the first week of driving these little cars they have fallen in love.  After all, the small size makes it nimble, t-tops and removable rear hatch allow plenty of fresh air, the concealed headlights make its aerodynamic shape and also for the age of the car it still has a nice '90s look to it.
As for the Australian EXA (which is a Pulsar), it's a totally different story.  The EXA is well known.
The body style is the same as the Pulsar and was produced the same years and the Pulsar (just different driver side).  After the Pulsar ended in the U.S. it also ended in Australia.  After the EXA, the Pulsar arrived in Australia.  I'm not sure if the EXA was replaced by the Pulsar or if the Pulsar is a totally different car.  I do know this much, I wish they would send the car here.  I've seen pictures of it and they look pretty sharp.
To another surprise, there were two styles for the rear hatch.  The traditional hatch that we all know of and there was also a Sportbak available. The Sportbak gives the Pulsar a wagon look without giving up the t-tops.  For those of you who use the trunk space and is limited due to the low traditional hatch, the Sportbak will be quite helpful.  Unfortionatly, the Sportbak was only available on the California models.  In Australia, any Sportbaks that you might see were imported from Japan.  Another thing, the Sportbaks only came in one colour, dark gray.
There were four different engines designed for the Pulsar:
The E16I, a 1.6 litre SOHC
The CA16DE, a 1.6 litre DOHC
The CA18DE, a 1.8 litre DOHC
The GA16i, a 1.6 litre SOHC
There is also a Turbo engine available for this car but that engine was not available in the U.S. or Australia.  Appearently it was only available in Japan.  I would love to get my hands on that engine.
This engine is a CA18DET, a 1.8 litre DOHC Turbo
New pics of the car known as Phatsar.  Phatsar is under new ownership of myself.
Also some pics of my house before and after Hurricane Ivan struck. 
Site is also getting reworked.  Some links/images may not be there.
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New Phatsar update pics
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