We're the parents of 2 Boston Terrier's named Bernie Mac & Beanie.  Bernie Mac (yes, that's his real name!) will be 4 on December20th, and Beanie was 1 on March 1st.  Bernie was adopted in April 2003, just before his mommy & daddy  got married, and Beanie became a member of the family in July 2005.  Bernie & Beanie are the apples of their parent's eyes.  Mommy is especially obssessed with them.  She is the organizer for a local Boston Terrier Meetup Group, and has become finatical about buying things for her boys.  Daddy of course is a little more sensible, and resists mommy's shopping urges.  It causes some disputes in our lovely little casa, but mommy usually wins in the end. :)  The latest purchase has been matching Halloween sweathshirts.  Now we must find matchin collars!!

Bernie has been the most active dog either of us has ever owned (until we got Beanie!), and is a never ending source of entertainment.  The pet store owner nick named him "Tank".  You'd think we would have taken the hint??  We reminisce alot about the day we first saw him.  He was in one of those pet store crates behind a glass wall.  We noticed him immediately!  He was sleeping upside down, with his buldging eyeballs rolling back in his head like he was in some sort of trance, and snoring SO loud that we could hear him from outside.  Kinda reminded me a a scene from the Excorcist.   I told David I thought his head was going to start spinning  & he was going to spit pea soup at us.  Once we got the chance to play with Bernie, we knew he was a goofball, and he would fit in our family perfectly!
(Ok, so Mommy took some convincing!)

Beanie on the other hand has been the complete opposite of Bernie.  You see, we think Beanie must have ridden the short school bus as a puppy. We believe he has a brain the size of a pea.  He's always running into walls and doing stupid stuff.  We may need to put him in one of those helmets for special needs children, because I don't think he can stand to loose too many more french fries from his happy meal.  He's also mastered the "dance of the Beaner ball turkey" as his mommy likes to call it.  This involves lots of jumping & twirls.  Hmm..  maybe he needs a tutu?!  Beanie came from a local pet store that resembled a feed & seed.  That should have been warning #1.  He was the last of his litter (warning # 2), and his best friend was a pony the owner's kept inside the store (warning # 3)! Yes, you didn't read that wrong, I said INSIDE the pet store.  We love our little special needs child no matter what though. 

Since the boys have come to live with us, their favorite past timse are beating each other up for hours on end & making so much noise you can't hear the tv, fighting over toys, running around the house at 100 mph, chasing their new sister Angelica (the cat) , and sneaking kitty "treats" out of her litter box.  The fighting has turned into an episode of the WWF SMACKDOWN every night.  Who taught them how to do the Suplex? Hmm..  They also LOVE humping each other.  Well Bernie does most of the humping & Beanie does most of the.. uhmm.. licking.  EW again!  I think my dogs need to go live at Big Gay Al's Pet Sanctuary & trade their collars in for pink scarves! 

To curb their hyper activity & culinary delights, their Daddy got the bright idea to buy a puppy pool when he was in Petsmart, and a 3 ft tall fence to go around it. I've trained Bernie to get in it when I say "IN", but Beanie's pea brain can't comprehend big words.  They have quite the set up in the pool.  This is where most of the wrestling manuevers, humping & playing toy keep away goes on.  It's slim pickins on the toys right now, because they kill everything we buy them.  Some haven't even made it 5 minutes.  If it's got stuffing in it, it has a quick painless death...  The favorite toy of all times seems to be the famous rubber chicken.  I believe they're on atleast #15.  They all mysteriously end up missing some toes.  I should really buy stock in the company that makes them.  Bernie used to destroy the chicken(s) as fast as we could buy them, but we recently found some suspicious looking orange objects in Beanie's poop.  I think I know who the culprint must be this time around.  Pea brain.

Please take a few minutes to look at our web pages.  Mommy is always adding new things.  We hope you like them! 
Love to all,
David, Cheryl, Bernie Mac, Beanie & Angelica

Want to know why he's named Bernie Mac?  Just check out his name sake!
The real Bernie Mac
Our Bernie Mac!
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