Homeschoolers of London and Sarnia/Lambton Ontario


We are

- an informal network of like-minded homebased educators seeking to further enrich our children's lives.

- a mosaic of educational styles, yet, respectful of our differences and appreciative of our similarities.

- families who have chosen to be actively involved in our children's education.

- families that provide opportunities to enhance our children's lives outside the home by planning, implementing and engaging in activities for our children and ourselves.

Our Goal

We wish to create a welcoming environment for ALL homeschoolers, fostering the development of friendships and community through participation in various activities and events.

We kindly ask

Should you choose to participate, please be respectful, by honoring conduct guidelines specific to events. At ALL times,the responsibility for your children will lie with you, the parent.

For further information e-mail: differentdrum1984@yahoo.ca

"A Different Drum" activity retrospective

Calendar of Gatherings and Events

Open to All homeschoolers in London and Area

Join A Different Drum London Yahoo Group (NEW Sarnia/Lambton Chapter) 2008/2009

Orchestra London Education Concerts for 2007/2008 TBA

Young Women in Harmony 2007/2008

Used Curriculum and other gently used goods for sale

Not Going Back to School Celebration September 2007 Gibbons Park London

Conferences and Curriculum Fairs TBA

Childrens' Museum Thursdays

"Celebration of Books"

Recreational Swim

Fanshawe Lake and Conservation Area

"Fridays at Noon" Music Western

Homeschoolers Making a Difference

Pillow Concerts

Chapters Chat's for Autumn 2007

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