Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001 was GREAT!!! Abe and I hosted the "Christmas Eve Bash" this year. We need a bigger house :) Actually we need a whole room just for the food!!

I made the ham, turkey, macaroni salad, and kept the Strawberry Daiquiris rolling throughout the night. Abe helped me out ALOT!! He shopped for all the drinks, of course, and helped me with some last minute Christmas shopping. THANKS ABE!!!

Here's some pics of Abe, & I.

This is ME!!! Somebody sure likes closeups!! (ABE?)LOL

My Abe!!! Falling asleep after dinner at Mom Gemmill's house, and a VERY SCARY closeup!!

My Step-Daughter, Katherippy!!! Didn't you get those nails painted yet? LOL

Andrew!!! Nice hat!! Andy helped to fix the refrigerator that decided to act up right before the holidays, and he sauteed his specialty, shrimp. Mmmm...Mmmm THANKS ANDY!!!

Here is Tiff!!! I think I caught Tiff after a few Daiquiris ;) Tiff helped me wrap gifts, and made the shrimp dip. Tiff also brought peanut butter fudge. THANKS TIFF!!!

Kristin & Shawn!!! WWF must be on TV :) Kristin made the cupcakes, brownies, deviled eggs, set up the relish tray, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! She was my BIGGEST helper this year!! THANKS KRIS!!!

Here is Kye!!! Soooo Handsome!!

This is Alex!!! Such a cutie!!

The cutest of the BUNCH!!!! This is Brooklyn!! I think she's gonna be a tomboy ;)

All three Grandkids in one shot!! Now that doesn't happen very often!! They were all VERY good!! I guess they knew that Santa was watching ;)

Grammy, Mom Markle, & My Sister, Pam!! I think they are guarding the desserts!!! LOL Pam brought the broccoli salad. THANKS PAM!!! Grammy brought her taste tantalizing, family tradition, peanut butter chocolate fudge!! It will be a sad, sad, Christmas the year that I have to do without some of "Grammy's Fudge". We've all tried for years to duplicate your talents, but we have all failed!! At least I haven't found any quite the same yet!! THANKS GRAMMY!!!!!

This is my Sister, Bobbi Jo!! Lookin' good, Bob!! Thanks for the gifts for hosting this year's "bash"!!

My Brother-in-Law, Scott, & my Nephew, Evan. Evan, you look more, and more like your Dad every day!!

Erin & Dakota, my Niece & Nephew!!

My Nephew Adam, & Lizzie!!

My Brother-in-Law, Matt steamed the shrimp, THANKS MATT!!!

Here's a really good picture of Mom Gemmill!! She brought Carman's Ice Cream, just for Karen..LOL THANKS MOM!!!

Gwen, enjoying her Christmas gifts :) Gwen brought orange cake:) THANKS GWEN!!!

Chris gave us some great advice on our new computer setup. THANKS CHRIS!!!....Stop shopping on my credit card!! LOL

And then there was my Sister Karen, and Family Friend, Lori, who managed to hide from the camera because they were watching "The Markle Family History Video", and didn't want their picture taken in bed together!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!! Karen brought Potato Salad, Chips, Pretzels, dip, and some backup shrimp. THANKS KAREN!!!

I could go on all day about who did what and who brought what, but let me just say that EVERYONE pitched in, in some way, shape, or form, and I deeply appreciate your spirit for "FAMILY". You are my Family, and I love you all!!





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