Thyme To Tour The Garden (continued)

Thyme To Tour The Garden

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"Tippecanoe Supports The Fragile Stems Of The Pink Painted Daisies"

"The Coral Belles Fight For Attention With The Snaps In The Front Garden"

"The Addition Of This Gorgeous Orange Begonia Has Certainly Brightened The Shade Garden"

"The Pearly White Blossoms Of Goat's Beard Peek Above A Cluster Of Tippecanoe"

"A Cluster Of Blossoms From A Hybrid Tea Rose, Named Brandy"

"And In Miniature Form, This Specimen Of "Peter's Dream" Is The Most Vivid Red Miniature Rose That I Have Seen"

"Add Some Spark To Any Landscape With Gaillardia Daisies"

"Mr. Bumble Bee Is Just Loving The Nectar From This Prickly Pear Blossom"

"This Deep Burgundy, Single Hollyhock Is Special Since It Is A Memory From My Childhood"

"The Beautiful Blossoms Of This Varigated Yucca, Along With The Hollyhocks Create An Excellent Natural Fence"

"I Almost Amazed Myself With This Stunning Shot Of Peruvian Daffodil Blossoms"

"I Grew These Pincushion Flowers From Bare Root Through A Mail Order Service.....Not Bad!!"

"This Hardy Geranium Mixes Well With The Euonymous For It's Background"

"Blue Campanula"

"Cleome and Phlox"




"Peace Rose"

"Purple Wave Petunia"

"Coleous, Goldstrum Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan), and Vinca Vine"

"Stargazer Lily"

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