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"AAHH !!! The Bleeding Hearts.......My Favorite !!!"

"A Splash Of Color From Caladiums, Impatiens, Vinca Vine, And Ivy Garnish The Front Entrance. Of Course This Window Box Is Under A Shaded Porch Since This Great Combination Loves Indirect Or Shaded Sunlight."

"If You Use Your Imagination To View These Creeping Phlox, You Can Make Out The Keeper Of My Garden........LOL"

"Varigated Red Azalea, Golden Cypress, Hosta, And Fern Leaf Bleeding Hearts Surround The Deck"

"A Sole Pink Cloud Daffodil Towers Above A Beautiful Yellow *Basket Of Gold* Ground Cover"

"The Cactus Garden Has Finally Made It's Way To It's Spot In The Garden"



"I Sure Hope These Rudbekia Goldstrum Attract Some Ladybugs To The Ladybug House"



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