Kristin & Shawn's Wedding Reception

October 26, 2002
Porter's Sideling Fire Co. Social Hall

The setting for the Reception was PERFECT!!! So many people helped to create such a romantic setting!! The tables were set in floating candles, roses, confetti, and a few favors from the Bride and Groom. Of course everything was done in Purple, Lavendar, and Silver!! Aunt Pat and Cousin Michele made a dance floor Gazeebo, from ceiling to floor, out of tooling and purple lights suspended from golden rings. OMG! Everything was BEAUTIFUL!!

Mother and Stepfather of the Bride
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gemmill

Father and Stepmother of the Bride
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Carl

Mother and Father of the Groom
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Shaffer

For the first time in public.....
Mr & Mrs. Shawn Shaffer

A Toast from the Best Man

The cutting of the cake

Could those smirks mean they are thinking of smashing it in each others faces?.....

Shawn says, "NO WAY MAN, that dress was TOO expensive!!!" LOL

Awwww, they were SOOO nice, that they deserve another KISS!!!

The first dance as Husband and Wife!!


Kristin dances with her Daddy

Shawn dances with his Mommy

Kristin poses with her Mommy :)

Tunes R Us, by Dave Cover sure had things a rockin'. Check out Cody and Alex Boogiein' on DOWN!!!

Ben, Alex, Brooklyn, and Amy

Stepdad Abe

Brother Andy

We WORE OUT the Bride!! She had SUCH a nice day!!! :)

GEEEEEZ, Another kiss???

The last dance of the night




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