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A military re-enactment group for older or less active reenactors and first time participants based on the regiments of Veteran Reserve Corps (Invalid Corps) units stationed in and around Washington D.C. during the Civil War.

The Veterans' Reserve Corps began as the "Invalid Corps" It was organized under the command of the Provost Marshal General via the authority of General Order No. 105, War Department, 28 April 1863. Made up of soldiers wounded in the line of duty, they remained active for the remainder of their enlistments.
Our modern-day recreation of these units will honor their tradition of continued service regardless of the handicaps of infirmity or age.
No one likes to admit that they're too old or infirm to participate in their favorite hobbies or activities. That's why this recreation of the Veterans' Reserve Corps has been proposed as a means of giving the older re-enactor a chance to continue to participate. It will also give people who thought they were excluded from historical re-enactments because of physical infirmities, a opportunity to become involved.

Members will...
  • Act as volunteers at Registration
  • Act as runners for encampments and organizers
  • Take part in staged recreations of battles the VRC or Invalid Corps actually participated in
  • March (or ride) as a parade unit

We wish to give everyone who wants to participate in living history re-enactments the opportunity to do so.

If this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about, kindly send an e-mail to: greycloake@juno.com or drop us a line at the following address:

W. C. Marlow
120 Bonnie View Road
Glen Burnie MD 21060

Just a few of the kind people who will help you locate uniform and equipment for your re-enactment needs. For a more complete listing of sutlers, visit the Sutler's Net.

Company Information
What basic equipment will you need as a member of the Veterans Reserve Corps? What other historical tidbits are available about the Invalid Corps? This and much more is waiting for you on the company's information page. PLUS there is also a list of equipment which is available for sale from a former reeenactor posted here.

Events Calendar
Community demos, company meetings, and other events and practices information.

The Weapons Shop
Where Wilhelm Greycloake offers his expertise on re-enacting, how to find equipment and costuming, etc. The "Re-enactors News and Views" page will give you all a chance to share your experiences with others.

St Marie's Citty Militia
Follow this link to learn more about the company re-enacting the first colony of Maryland.

Greycloake's World
Take a break from living history or re-enactments. This site gives you an opportunity to share your creative talents with others or enjoy the stories and poems already submitted. It also leads you to other hobbies and interests of the Greycloake family.

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