CDDA Trade List MP3 Trade List "Black List Of Traders"
If you want to trade please e-mail me to

Why you appeared in this list:

1. Disks didn't arrive;
2. The contents of a disks does not coincide with stipulated;
3. Poor-quality record of  disks;
4. Mechanical damage of disks because of bad packing.


Added 28th of June 2002. 

Religion: Buddhism

History: We set the trade. He was to send me the new 'Animals Remixes'. Actually it wasn't a trade, I wanted to buy it! So I sent him the money he wanted for the CD and within several MONTHS (!) (he was rapidly telling me that the CD wasn't in the shop) I got the CD! COOL! I turned it on.. and.. it appeared the ORIGINAL ANIMALS ALBUM! We contacted again and decided he would burn me the copy and send me the CD-R with the little compensation (money) and me in my turn send him back the CD. So I did. That was all done between 02.10.01 and 02.11.01. Since then almost a year passed, and I still SEE NO CD AND MONEY! I'm tired of asking this moron about my CD! This why You can read it here. If you can help me... LET'S SPAM HIS E-MAIL and ICQ.  That idiot every time we meet on ICQ mocks at me! He is always On-Line and always tell  me...'Relax, Give some more time.. I'm passing the exams.. within a week everything would be done..'  

I Sentence him on my WALL OF BAD TRADERS to:

this man deserves the worst punishment! HACK 'EM!!!!

Please NOTE!
The information will be represented here not only by me! All those who was deceived by any bad guy, PLEASE  send me via E-mail the detailed description of this artful and mean man! His post address, nickname, E-mail, ICQ, Homepage URL, etc. All this information will be placed here for others! Help them not to get into unpleasant situations with an exchange!

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CDDA Trade List MP3 Trade List "Black List Of Traders"