is the best...

01.01.05 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I'm very glad 'Coming Back To Life...' project is still alive and we can see each other on the dark side of the moon! Have FUN this NEW 2005 YEAR!!!
To have a good time surfing the internet I put the link to ON-LINE PINK FLOYD RoIO RADIO station. TURN IT ON!
Also, as a tradition, I've uploaded new Calendars. Download it now from there!
29.07.04 I'm sorry but I've forgot to update my site at time!!! How could I forgot to put here the info about the remastered & reissued The Final Cut?!!! Now it's in LYRICS section.
27.07.04 I have uploaded more stuff in ARTWORK and PICTURES sections. Now more pictures to watch!
05.07.04 BIG thanx to Achille Bonaccorso for the ARTWORK he shared with us. The whole collection of ARTWORKS and CALENDARS are here. You're welcome to send me your own artworks and share em with other fans!
30.06.04 BIG thanx to Michael H. Who share his shots of Construction Of The Wall in Berlin - I and Construction Of The Wall in Berlin - II. Here is what he wrote in the letter: 'I went to Europe in 1990 and saw the show from my hotel tv but we passed on by it in a tour bus and I took pictures... More pictures can be seen at PICTURES section. And you're welcome to send me more!!!
12.06.04 Some new photos have been posted in PICTURES section. Some new stuff from the WALL shows!
11.06.04 All fans of the Pink Floyd covers by Storm Thorgerson are welcome to visit Storm's Official WebSite! I do recomend you to read all the history of the covers! Where and when it was made and so on and so forth! Very interesting!!!
27.05.04 If you are a RoIO trader, you're welcome to trade with me. I've just got another 50 Cd-Rs to add to my collection. The full list of my RoIOs you may find in TRADE section!
22.05.04 ONCE AGAIN I'M TRYING TO COME BACK TO LIFE THE MP3 SECTION!!! I've added the 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' The Wall Demos. Please try to download and if some problems, LET ME KNOW! THANX!!!
27.04.04 How could I forgot to upload the information about the new DVD Live In Pompeii?!! The information was put in LYRICS section.
29.03.04 I recomend you to visit these 2 websites: Battersea Power Station.The project of the reconstruction, and Gerald Scarfe's Official Webpage.
27.03.04 Since the long time of complete silence from my side I'm trying to come back to life and start updating the page. The first thing is the The Final Cut 2004 Remastered CD Review.
01.01.04 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Again we celebrate the NEW YEAR! Now it's 2004! This is the year of the monkey, I wish you NOT TO BE LIKE MONKEYS! Don't loose your human face! Be friendly to each other, be COOL! Shine On Pink Floyd Fans!!!
22.12.03 Finally I've made and uploaded the new CALENDARS for the 2004 year. So you may now go there, download em and print on the colour printer. Hang it onto your WALLs!
Also the TRADE section was updated with 40 new RoIOs. E-mail me, I'm open for trades!
29.11.03 I'm glad to tell you all, I've got dealed with another Floyd Fan J. Evers who agreed to put his Complete Pink Floyd Interstellar walkthrough onto Coming Back To Life... Articles section.(in two words, it's the Pink Floyd exhibition with HI-RES PICTURES So you're welcome to read it and look at the photos! Very BIG THANX to J. Evers!
Calendars section is deleted due to I'm updating em and put in two - three days new ones for 2004 year.
07.11.03 LONDON - Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour received an honor from Queen Elizabeth II, before joking that the monarch was probably not his greatest fan. "I suspect that if she has listened to Pink Floyd it has been one of her children or grandchildren playing it and she is more likely to be the one to say `turn it off,' but I do not know her taste in music," said Gilmour, 57, after he was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire, or CBE, in a ceremony Friday at Buckingham Palace.
Gilmour received the honor from the queen for his services to music after a 30-year career with the rock group, which recorded classic albums including "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall."
"She said Pink Floyd had been doing it for a very long time and I had to agree," he said.
Gilmour also has recently turned to charity work, donating $7.5 million to the homeless charity Crisis.
Others honored included pianist Jools Holland, 45, who was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, or OBE, for his services to music. The former Squeeze keyboardist rose to fame after playing gigs in pubs in London's East End.
"I would not have believed that music would bring me such a great honor and I think it is wonderful as it can encourage other musicians to see where things can lead," Holland said.
Gilmour and Holland were among several Britons named in the queen's birthday honors list in June. There are a series of ceremonies throughout the year to bestow the honors, largely selected by the government.
04.11.03 Yep, again upgrade! Now it's Pink Floyd RoIO discussion for traders to chat, set trades and discuss the RoIOs. The link is on the TRADE section. And also the POLL was added, see above!
29.10.03 Pink Floyd Manager Steve O'Rourke Dead at 63. Long time Pink Floyd manager Steve O'Rourke died on October 29 from a stroke at age 63. While Pink Floyd has been inactive for almost a decade, O'Rourke managed the group's affairs as well as the solo careers of Dave Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright. "We mourn the loss of one of the music industry's most respected and beloved managers. Our thoughts are with his wife Angie and his family," EMI said in a statement. O'Rourke has been the manager of Pink Floyd since 1968 when he was working for the Bryan Morrison Agency. Pink Floyd were managed by the Bryan Morrison Agency after splitting up with Pete Jenner and Andrew King. O'Rourke was a member of the Pink Floyd soccer team in the seventies and also had other hobbies in common with some of the Pink Floyd members. He participated in the car race La Carrera Panamericana together with Gilmour and Mason.
21.10.03 Finally the TRADE section has been updated!!! I had no time to make the changes there for about 4 months! Now all the new stuff is there. But I have some questions about 3 RoIOs, but I'll update the info this week. So you're welcome to Trade with me!
01.10.03 I've added the book MALCOLM JONES' LEGENDARY BOOK Making Of The Madcap Laughs by Syd Barrett. You may download it now in PDF format using Acrobat Reader. Have a good time reading!
05.08.03 And once again Dark Side Of the Moon 30 Aniversary information
30.07.03 Again one more was added. Now it's Dark Side Of the Moon DVD & VHS information
29.07.03 Once again another update! It's the MP3 section, where 5 new videos were added for the FREE download.
24.04.03 HELLO ALL!!! Finally I'm back to my webpage! Sorry for so long being away! I was working hard all these months, and think, will continue working the rest years in the same way. Don't know when I'll have enough time to work with my dear 'Coming Back To Life...' :)
Anyway! here are the new upgrades:
firstly it's the TRADE section, where 4 new CD of 'Have You Got It Yet?' project were added. Should say I'm waiting for 21 new RoIO this month!
secondly it's the PICTURES section, where I've added 3 old shots from the Studio (near 1967 year). I still wait for the pictures you have and want them to be on the web! Please E-mail me them, I'll put it here with the link to your E-mail :)
Well, that's all for right now, see ya a little bit later! SHINE ON!
01.01.03 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So 2003 came! Let me wish you all the best of luck this year! BE WELL MY PINK FLOYD FRIENDS!!!
10.12.01 I've added the Promo of 'The Wall' Film to The Wall - Video It works On-line. The sound, the colour video... Unfortuantly not the best quality!
17.10.01 Finally! The Fan Club is On-Line! Please VISIT it and let's TALK!
28.09.01 Several Pictures from 'THE WALL' shows were added. Some are very rare!
22.09.01 David Gilmour was caught on the street when walking wih his wife(?) and was asked to give the autographs. This moment is now downloadable. (Real Audio Format, 822Kb).
01.09.01 Today it's again a Birthday of 'Coming Back To Life...' TWO YEARS! 20.000 People visited since 01.09.1999! 10 MB of Information were added! I'm glad the project lives and hope it'll live in future! THANK YOU ALL! Hope You'll visit this page not once and not even twice!
21.06.01 Well... I'm in the Army now... Will come back in 2002. I won't UPDATE the site till July 2002. Anyway you may send me your E-Mails. I'll be able to check my mail every weekends. For traders! You're still welcome to trade with me! I'll be able to do it!
Well.. Shine On All and see ya NEXT YEAR!
02.06.01 Though I have not a huge collection of RoIOs, I decided to start collecting it. So I put the 'TRADE' list. Have a look, maybe something you'd like to trade with me?
21.05.01 I've put the Concert Appearances in 'INFORMATION', section 'Your Information', Thanx to Vernon Fitch who owns the copyright of this list.
15.05.01 I've add information to 'Is There Anybody Out There - The Wall Live 80-81'. From now you can read ALL THE INTERVIEWS the book (LIMITED EDITION of the CD) contains.
01.05.01 The 'PICTURES' section was updated again!!! Now with the 8 photoes sent by Michelle. THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED!
Also, due to the big size of the 'What's New' file (this one I mean) I decided to part it into two.
27.04.01 The 'PICTURES' section was updated with 'Alan Parker - I' , 'Alan Parker - II' and 'Pink (From the film) - I' , 'Pink (From the film) - II' photos.
The cool midi ATOM HEART MOTHER was added to the page! Almost 16 minutes of great, old Pink Floyd! If you don't want to listen to it, simply press 'STOP' button on your browser!
23.04.01 The 'Biography' of the band was added to 'HISTORY' section, 'YOUR HISTORY' subdirectory. The new biography was taken from the official 'MTV' site.
03.04.01 I updated the 'Articles' section with the new interview 'Show Must Go On...'
13.03.01 Check the 'LINKS' page for new cool sites!
25.02.01 A cool demo of THE WALL album called 'Under Construction' was added to the 'Lyrics' section.
The history, LYRICS and links to MP3s are there!
23.02.01 'MP3' section changed! Now you'll find there 18 OFFICIAL ALBUMS to download! MP3 of a great quality! NO NEED TO SIGHN AT MYSAPCE OR WHATEVER. More then that: If you have problems with MYSPACE service, you can now download PULSE - 3 from HTTP server!
16.02.01 'Fan Club' was returned! Sorry, Had to put that stupid one...
13.02.01 Several new, COOL LINKS were added! Such well know sites as 'Ummagumma Web Site' and 'The Pink Floyd Live'. Also the INTERNATIONAL section was finally upgraded with the RUSSIAN 'The Pink Floyd Sound' homepage, where you can download different MP3!
Due to the server finished working the 'Hear Me' VOICE CHAT was erased from the page! Sorry! If you know any VOICE CHAT as good as that, E-mail me!
SORRY, but the FAN CLUB was also erased!
25.01.01 Today The 10.000 Pink Floyd Fan Visited This Page! I'm glad people like this page and come here often! Thank you all who somehow helped me to build 'Coming Back To Life...' and simply visited my homepage!
PS. My friends and I are going to drink some beer for that! If you wanna join us, you're welcome! LOL
01.01.01 HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY FRINEDS! I wish you the best of luck in the new year! Shine On!
As a present I give you all the possibility to download TWO NEW RoIOs from the MP3 section. That is: 'Aphrodite' (the password is - aphrodite) and 'The Man & The Journey' (the password is - journey) Don't forget to use the Referrer code - U0054972F More information about the RoIOs you'll find in MP3 section...
24.12.00 I'm sorry, but finally decided to erase ALL THE REAL AUDIO FILES from the web! So now in MP3 section you won't find any interviews or video to download! Sorry.
Four new pictures were added to the GENERAL and The Walll Shows section in Pictures
17.12.00 Finally a new album In The Flesh - 2000 by Roger Waters was added to the Lyrics & 'MP3' sections.
11.12.00 NEW SECTION was added! Now you have a chance to see ArtWorks. If you have any ARTWORKS and wish 'em to be added here, E-mail me!
'LINKS' section upgraded! Several new Sites and HomePages were added.
03.12.00 FINALLY 'MP3' SECTION HAS NEW MP3 TO DOWNLOAD!!! I've uploaded two RoIO to the '' so now you can get 'MOOED MUSIC' and 'PULSE 3' You are to register at '' and then using the PASSWORD (which is below every CD COVER) log in and download! If you wanna help me, you can use this Referrer code - U0054972F. For every person that signs up and activates their account using this referrer code I will receive 5 MB of free space. That's I'll be able to upload more albums! Well, LET'S START THE NEW ERA OF THE PAGE! THE ERA OF DOWNLOADS!
02.12.00 A new VIDEO 'Do You Like Our PIG?' in 'MP3' and 'LINKS' sections were upgraded! Hope you'll like the video and the NEPTUNE: Pink Floyd site I linked!
03.11.00 My brother Vadim bought me two video tapes which I put here for you: 'David Gilmour In Concert' and 'The Wall - Live In Berlin' Thanks bro a LOT!!! The tapes are really GREAT! Also I put 10 new pictures from the WALL SHOW IN BERLIN. And 'Links' section was enlarged with some more links!
31.10.00 My friend Zelvox sent me another cool picture. 'Moscow - 2000'. So as you see, Pink Floyd is also well known in Russia!
27.10.00 Thanx God, the page CAME BACK TO LIFE... I thought it'll never happen! Anyway, I'm glad it's On-Line again and... Here is a new update in 'Pictures' section 'I've Got Wild Staring Eyes' photo sent by Zelvox was added! Thanx man a LOT!
30.09.00 Ok, the final update this month! Again 'Pictures' section was enlarged with 8 new photos. Also I put to 'LYRICS' and 'MP3' sections a new Pink Floyd Tribute called 'The Moon Revisited'
ICQ Respond-Online Panel was also put to this page for you to see if I'm On-Line and conntact me, Press on the link and you'll send the message directly to my ICQ even if you don't have it installed!
29.09.00 LINKS section have now one more new URL, that is A cool site for fans of David Gimour. 'Pictures' section has now13 new photos from The Wall In Berlin 1990. I'm looking for people who was there or on any other 'THE WALL' shows and has his on concert shots. Please E-mail me if the person I'm looking for is you or you know someone who can help me!
26.09.00 'NON-ALBUM' link was updated. I put two rare songs performed in early 1960s by Syd Barrett:'King Bee' and 'Lucy Leave'
23.09.00 New SUPER LINK to '3D Animated Pink Floyd Videos' site was added! Sure you're to visit it!!! It has cool 3D videos to DOWNLOAD!
21.09.00 How could I forget about 'Each Small Candle' by Roger Waters?!!! Well, 'Lyrics' section is updated!
19.09.00 Two pictures more: 'Roger Waters in 1999', just right before the 'In The Flesh?' tour and 'Roger Waters in 1999 - II' were put to enlarge the photo album.
'LINKS' section was updated: 'Pink Floyd <-Shine On->' was added. A cool site, worth visiting!
All of you! Send me your URLS!!!
12.09.00 Added new photos:'Nick Mason 1971 Year In Japan', 'David Gilmour 1971 Year In Japan' and 'Syd Barrett - Cool Photo', 'Rare Early Concert Picture'
'David Gilmour's Poster' sent by Zombiezee was included! THANX MAN!!!
All of you! Send me more pictures!
09.09.00 MP3 link was again updated! In the 'DOWNLOAD SECTION' you'll be able to download 4 more new songs/remixes. Use REAL AUDIO PLAYER to playback it!
P.S. If you clicked on the icon to download the file and REAL AUDIO PLAYER
starts automatically and begins to playback not to download, you're to do the following:
1 - RIGHT CLICK on the ICON to see the menu
2 - Select in the menu 'SAVE TARGET AS...'
Use GetRight
download program or any other tool for downloads!
07.09.00 Several COOL changes:
FAQ 1999 were added! So now the latest information about the band you'll find here!
MP3 section was updated! I put a new 'DOWNLOAD SECTION' where you can download for the REAL AUDIO PLAYER
several AUDIO & VIDEO clips. This section will be updated later with more REMIXES!
LINKS were updated! Some more cool sites and homepages were added! If you wanna your link to be added, simply send me your request!
04.09.00 I recomend all of you to download Odigo Chat Program! Odigo is an all-in-one instant messaging, browsing, and search tool for the 21st century. It searches for users who are at the page you're in. And if someone of them have this program you'll chat like using ICQ. By the way it works with ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger...
'Another Brickbat In The Wall' Interview with Roger Waters after 'Is There Anybody Out There' was released.
FAQ was updated. I've put Echoes FAQ Version 3.6 (August 1995). Later I'll put vesrion 4 (April-June 1999).
01.09.00 Today it's a Birthday of 'Coming Back To Life...' I'm very glad this progect lives well and I'd like to THANK you all who helped me building this page, THANX to people who sent me pictures, articles, etc... THANK YOU ALL! Hope You'll visit this page not once and not even twice!
26.06.00 Non Album link was upgraded. I put there 'Raving And Drooling' and 'You Gotta Be Crazy' songs, the band used to perform in early 70s. There are a lot of RoIO where you may find these songs.
Also a new article 'Pink Floyd Behind The Wall - March'00' and the 'Interview With Nick Mason' broadcasted by the VH-1 UK TV station in 1998.
09.06.00 A NEW FEATURE WAS ADDED! I put special disscution boards for all official album. Now you can press the button (Write a Report) under the cover scan of EACH CD and write your review, report, questions and so on and so forth.
23.05.00 Sections 'LYRICS' and 'MP3' were updated again. Now you can listen On-Line with REAL AUDIO PLAYER to the following albums: 'The Wall In Berlin', 'Objects Of Fantsy!', 'Pink Floyd In London 1966-1967', 'Zabriskie Point' with previously unreleased tracks and at LAST 'Is There Anybody Out There'. Please note I added the new CD called Pink Floyd In London 1966-1967. It was released in 1999.
15.05.00 Again I put some more albums to listen to on-line via REAL AUDIO PLAYER. So now 'Works', 'A Collection Of Great Dance Songs', 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder' and 'P.U.L.S.E.' you may hear in MP3 section. SAD news for you, fans. I erased all the MP3 from my page!!! Sorry, but I had to do it! From now only 30 seconds of each song from every album are available! Enjoy listening to it! The quality of the sound is GREAT!!!
section was upgraded! Russian Zelvox's ultimate Pink Floyd page was added. A LOT OF MP3 to DOWNLOAD THERE! A LOT of interesting information... lol, sorry only in Russian, but still!
Also finally I decided to add that
Opinion Poll I used to post in Pink Floyd Fan Club (WebBoard) So now you're welcome to give your voices to the four questions: Who is the best?, How long have you been listening to PF?, What is the best album and Do you prefer to listen to their Early albums or these from 1973? Come On, VOTE!
03.05.00 Roger Waters' , Richard Wright's and Gerald Scarfe's Interviews from the double CD called 'Is There Anybody Out There' were finally put here! More pictures to see, more facts to know! Read it, I'm sure you'll like it!!! Also I updated the 'Pictures' link. From now there is a new section called 'The Wall Shows' dedicated to 'The Wall'
26.04.00 I updated the History section. Now there you'll be able to read not only the history of the band in general, but also the biography of each member of the group, including Syd Barrett! Have a look at it! I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting information there!
22.04.00 Some more albums were added to sections 'LYRICS' and 'MP3'. On-Line are now available the following solo and official albums: 'Music From The Body', 'The Pros & Cons Of Hitch Hiking', 'Radio K.A.O.S.', 'David Gilmour' 'Atom Heart Mother' , 'Relics', 'Ummagumma' and finally 'A Momentary Lapse Of reason' You are to have REAL AUDIO PLAYER to listen it On-Line! Oh, by the way, what else should I put here, eh?
20.04.00 Nick Mason's Interview from 'Is There Anybody Out There' double CD is now available! Wait for Roger's and Rick's!
19.04.00 New Interview with David Gilmour taken the 1st Of April 2000 and transcripted by Crazy D was added to Your Articles Thanx pal a lot! Today I updated 'LYRICS' and 'MP3' sections. If You don't have REAL AUDIO PLAYER download it and listen On-Line to the following official albums: 'Meddle', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Animals', 'The Wall' , 'The Final Cut' and 'The Division Bell' If you don't see the album you want to hear, wait some more... :)
18.04.00 Again some more CDs were added to 'LYRICS' and 'MP3'. Now with REAL AUDIO PLAYER you can listen On-Line to the following official albums: 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn', 'A Saucerful Of Secrets', 'More', 'Obscured By Clouds' and 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. Some More to come soon. Information about 'The WALL - DVD ' was updated! You may watch On-Line Interviews, Running Commentary, Newly designed interactive menus, etc.
16.04.00 Sections 'LYRICS' and 'MP3' were updated. Now you can listen On-Line by the help of REAL AUDIO PLAYER to the following solo albums: 'Amused To Death', 'About Face', 'Profiles', 'Wet Dream' and 'The Madcap Laughs' Soon I'll put almost ALL the OFFICIAL CDs here!
15.04.00 David Gilmour's Interview from 'Is There Anybody Out There' double CD is now available! Wait for more! Also I put new PHOTOS!! Have a look!
10.04.00 New MP3 Money (Demo Version) was added to MP3 Section! You could download it many months ago...
09.04.00 A cool video called The Other Side Of The Wall was added! Download it! It's GREAT!!!
03.04.00 New pictures from -The Wall- live I added. BIG THANX to Huge Parsnips for it!
17.03.00 David Gilmour was CHATING with fans. You may read their conversation now.
14.03.00 Roger Waters was CHATING with fans. You may read their conversation now.
13.03.00 New interview with David Gilmour 'Pop On The Line' by BBC is now available. You may also download (5.6Mb) it
12.03.00 Backwards Message from the 'Empty Spaces' on 'The Wall' album is now downloadable. 'Objects Of Fantasy!' WAS in MP3 format here. You're late... NO MP3 here from now!
05.03.00 MP3s of 'The Man & The Journey' double CD WERE here!
04.03.00 MP3s of The Ultimate Remix Collection Absolutely Ambient were added! Five themes WERE free to download! NOT ANYMORE!!!
24.02.00 New section MP3 was added!
16.02.00 You may get now the information about the double CD 'Is There Anybody Out There' Live The Wall 1980-1981.
15.02.00 The Guest Book & Fan Club started to work! Now you may all LEAVE YOUR MESSAGES THERE!!!
12.02.00 Roger Waters -In The Flesh- will return to the US in June and July 2000. The tour will start in the South, through the South-West, West, North-West and points East. Dates will be announced shortly. Go to Roger Waters' Site for more information!
05.02.00 The section: 'LYRICS' updated. I added a lot of unofficial releases to 'CDs' . You may now find there such CDs as 'Live At Pompeii', 'The Man & The Journey', etc. Solo albums by Nick Mason 'Profiles', and Rick Wright's 'Identity' are now available
02.02.00 Added new photos:'Roger Waters Smiling', 'David Gilmour Surprised' and 'Nick Mason Telling Something', 'Richard Wright Proving Something'
01.02.00 I added several 'LINKS'. If you wanna your link to be here, E-mail me.
22.11.99 Information about 'The WALL - DVD ' was added! These two rare pictures: 'Syd Barrett - 97' , 'Syd Barrett - 97' are really interesting
20.11.99 Welcome to OUR CHAT 'Coming Back to Life...' It is now working!
13.11.99 New interview with Roger Waters Live and 'In The Flesh' by CNN is now available. You may also download (6.9Mb) it
02.11.99 Rare CD called 'Objects Of Fantasy!' was added to the 'LYRICS', CD section. I know that there are at least two more such orchestral versions of Pink Floyd's music. And I'm sure one of these two was performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (just like 'Objects Of Fantasy!') and the other one by London Philharmonic Orchestra. If you have these or that CDs I'm looking for, please give me know!
29.10.99 I found these interviews very interesting and added to the 'ARTICLES' section: 'With Peter Watts', 'With Alan PARSONS', 'Careful With That Axe' and 'Words of the Tone Prophet' 'Sounds Of Silence'
11.10.99 Photos sent by Philip Waters were added.
10.10.99 The 'LYRICS' link is upgraded! New items added to this section: solo albums and video. Now you can DOWNLOAD *.ZIP file (40Kb) with lyrics 1967 - 1987.
22.09.99 Added new photos:'Early Years...', 'Early Years-II' and 'Early Live', 'Live P.U.L.S.E.'
16.09.99 The 'ARTICLES' link is upgraded! New items added to this section: interviews and papers. I'm waiting for your articles or transcripted interviews!
06.09.99 Some misprints were corrected. You may read the history of the band now. The counter was set to '0000'
04.09.99 "Non-Album Songs" link is added to the 'LYRICS'
01.09.99 The Page started to work!!!

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