CN's K (Kasper)
REW SR.Buck -3 legs
CN's Leo (REW)
gone but not forgotten - he has left us a few kids to carry on his name
Dee's Y (Lil Man)Registered Himalayan Sr. Buck
-4 legs (grand championship pending)
Dee's Chocalable(Siamese Sable)
Schieldt's Iowa (Blue Himalayan)
Avesing's 2CB(Sweetie)
Siamese Sable Sr. Doe -1 leg
Covert's SOU (siam sable)
Roth's CB(Blue Himalayan)-4legs
Violet Ridge's Damien (Black Him. buck)
Avesing's Alicia (sable) x Dee's Y (Little Man)
This little guy is growing to look more like his dad every day:)  look at that point color!!
VioletRidge's Nala
(Blue himalayan doe)
Avesing's2CB (S. sable) x Dee's Y (Himalayan)
Devil's sis - she has a better personality!
Violet Ridge's Fuzzems (blue Him. Doe)
VR's Nala x Dee's Y (little Man)
This tiny little doe is the CUTEST thing on 4 legs!!  She was raised by us from 3 weeks of age on because her foster family (wooly babies) were getting so big that they began trampling her.  She licks your face and is just a doll!! She is lucky to weigh in at 1lb 10 oz:)
VioletRidge's Nyla
(himalayan doe)
Avesing's 2CB(S. Sable)x Dee's Y (Himalayan)

I call this girl "devil" because she doesn't like me, but likes my sons.  She has the darkest point color, and is the biggest dwarf I have ever seen - she weighs close to 4 lbs!!
SM's Kiwi
Broken Smoke pearl doe
SM's Blaze
Broken Black otter buck
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