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Nursery page
                   Updated - April 19th - Sale page, Upcoming litters
                                                        Hello, and welcome to our website!. 
Our family runs a small rabbitry at the eastern end of Iowa, close to the scenic Mississippi River Valley area.   We strive to raise show quality Jersey Woolies and Netherland Dwarf rabbits that not only fit their breed description, but have wonderful temperaments as well. We feel that this is just as important as having a champion show bunny! Each of our bunnies receives its share of love and attention from the day that they are born. Many thanks to all the friendly and helpful rabbit breeders who have guided us on this journey and have made our rabbit endeavors successful. 
Violet Ridge's Bronx - AOV Jr. Buck(2 legs)
RM's Bodacious (4 legs) x Erb's Little Vixen
BOB Youth Dewitt, IA - March 2, 2008
BOS Youth Amana, Ia - April 2008

Eric's favorite pointed - what a cute little guy!!

Sequira's Prince (Chocolate Buck) - 1 leg
BOS Amana IA, Show A - April, 2008
Many, many thanks go to my friend, Karen, for giving me this buck.  We lost Cadbury earlier in the year, and she offered little Princey to me when he was just a baby. He is as sweet as they come!    Thank You Karen!!!!
Violet Ridge's Psycho
Broken Sr. Buck (5 legs)

BOG Youth - Dodgeville, WI
5/20/07 - BOB Youth, Show B - Pontiac, IL
5/20/07- BOSB Youth, Show A - Pontiac, IL
One of Eric's favorites - wow, what a coat!!
SM's Casablanca
Broken Black Doe (5 legs)

Open- Best Opp. Sex of Breed
Shows 1 and 2 - Amana, IA - 4/21/07
Thanks Sue!!
Violet Ridge's Mickey
Chestnut  buck (2 legs-registered)
youth BOSG - Jefferson WI
youth BOSB - Dodgeville, WI
Boy, are we proud of this guy!!!
pic coming soon!
Violet Ridge's Kahlua ("Squeak Toy'")
Chocolate Sr. Doe - 1 leg BOG
Dewitt, IA, March 2nd 2008
pic coming soon!!
PL's Otter Magic
Black Otter Sr. Doe (1 leg)
5/20/07 -BOB Youth, show A - Pontiac, IL
This doe is the foundation of many of our show bunnies - she too is a beauty!!!
Thanks, Stacey!
Violet Ridge's Heather - Opal Senior Doe
Jen's Orange Julius x PL's Otter Magic
BOS Open - Dodgeville, WI- Sept 16, 2007
This pretty agouti doe just earned her first leg for my oldest son, David.  Congratulations!!
pic coming soon!
Sykes' Jessie - REW English Angora Doe
(1 leg)

Open Best Of Breed - Show 1
Amana Iowa - 4/21/07
What a beautiful doe!!!
pic coming soon!
GCH Baby Blue's White Chocolate
REW Doe (6 legs)

Open- Best of Self Group
Shows 1 and 2 - Amana IA - 4/21/07
Thanks Heather for this beautiful doe!!
Open- Best of Self group - Dodgeville, WI
GCH Rose Meadow's Daredevil
Black otter buck (8 legs)
Open - Best of Breed
Show 1 and 2 -  Amana IA - 4/21/07
(Pic Courtesy of Heather Nevue)
Violet Ridge's Selene - Broken Black doe
(3 legs)

3/4/07 -
Open Best Opp. Sex of Breed
Dewitt, IA
Best Senior Broken Doe - Amana IA,
shows 1 and 2
Blossom's Dusty - Lilac Sr. Buck (1 leg)
10/8/06 - Open BOSB, IA State Convention
4/22/06 - Open BOSG, Amana IA, CRRBA
Violet Ridge's Busto - BEW Sr. Buck (1 leg)
10/8/06  - Youth BOB, IA State Convention
   GCH Violet Ridge's Bon Bon - Blue Otter Sr. Doe (5 legs)
Best Of Breed Open
Amana Iowa CRRBA show - April 22nd Best Tan Pattern Open
JW Specialty Show A, Dodgeville, WI - April 30th
Best Of Breed Open
     Waterloo Iowa RBA Show - May 21st
Best of Tan group - Dodgeville, WI
Best of Breed Open - Pontiac IL show B
My favorite bunny and first homebred winner:)
HK's SpongeBob - Shaded Sr. Buck
(1 leg)

9/16/06 - Youth BOB Misty Hills RBA
Dodgeville, WI

(Thanks Heather Kaminsky for such a nice buck!!)
Violet Ridge's Buttons -
Black Silver Marten Sr. Doe (2 legs)
Best Of Breed Youth
    Waterloo Iowa RBA Show - May 21st
BOG Dewitt IA
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