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Welcome to the Junior Friends of the Library Home Page!

"Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life"
-Mortimer J. Adler


Today's date is: Monday, July 11! The Junior Friends Meets Tonight!

6:30-7 Is the officers meeting
7:00 is the Jr. Friends Meeting.
I hope to see you guys there!

We are the Upper Merion Junior Friends of the Library! We are located in Upper Merion Township in Pennsylvania.
Our organization is composed of students ages 9 to 13 who want to give back to their community and the library, and spend time in the library with their friends, doing activities to benefit the whole of the community!

We do things like plays and Reading Buddies, where we share experiences and make an impression in the life of a younger child, by helping them to learn how to read.
We are always looking for new members to help us with our various projects. If you can help out, let us know at out next meeting, and come show your support for the Upper Merion library!

In the future, I will work on adding poetry and artwork and the internet version of our newletter to this website to make this site more intresting, keep checking back!

New Important Stuff!

nothing is new or important this week, sorry. ^_^U haha!

AND: plllease check in the "What's New" section for more information on my progess on updating!

Discover New Trails
Round up some good books
New Trails

Coming soon!
(if we're lucky)
Click here to visit the Library's homepage.

The Children's Department is always looking for Book Donations!
The sale of these books will benefit the Library.
You can bring used children's books to the children's section.
Bring your books in today!

Have you missed a meeting? Read the minutes here!

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Please come and sign our guestbook!

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More fun things coming soon...

If you have ideas for anything involving the Junior Friends, mail them to this address. or Send them to Me! Asha.

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