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Welcome to my small corner of the internet. It was time once again to change the look of My Place of Serenity, and I thought I might try something a bit different with the floating flowers you see on the screen. Take advantage of them now though, because undoubtedly they'll drive me up a wall soon and have to disappear. *S*

My Place of Serenity is what I call my "haven". It is a sanctuary, a place of peace, gentleness and tranquility. This is my place to give back to God for the gifts He has entrusted me with.

I meet with a group of wonderful women every week for Bible study, and just a few weeks ago we talked about tithing (please don't cringe). You see, tithing is about giving back to God for what He has blessed us with. Nothing on this Earth is ours really... it's God's. He made it, He gave it to us, and it's on loan to us. He can take it back anytime He wants to (remember Job? If you don't, go read about him). I was saying, tithing isn't just about money. Tithing is about giving back a portion of everything we have to God. It's our way of saying Thank you to Him. It's our way of being Christ-like as Christians. Remember Jesus gave and gave to all those around him and he never asked for anything in return. I wonder what kind of world we would live in if we all did that? Something to contemplate, isn't it? I realize I'm getting long winded in my writing here. My point... God blessed me with a gift of writing (sometimes this is evident more than other times- lol) and a gift of working with my computer. My Place of Serenity is part of my way of giving back to Him. It is an ongoing ministry of Christian love and encouragement to anyone who visits here.

My prayer is that during your visit you will allow yourself to feel God's grace, His strength in your life (He is strong when we are weak- remember that song?), and that you will open your eyes and your heart to Him and praise Him for every breath, every bite of food, every blessing in your life. And if you're here and you don't know this wonderful Father, I pray that when you leave here you will.

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