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Nightmares come iN maNy forms
war, famiNe, death, aNd destructioN
some are oNly bad dreams, others all too real
Nightmares oNly seek their death
but kNows it caN Never be fouNd
Nightmares feed oN maNkiNds
heartlessNess, selfishNess, aNd
moNey is the root of all evil
the cruel acts of the wealthy coNtiNue to feed, Nourish, aNd
Nightmares healthy
ONly wheN peace oN Earth is reached
ONly wheN the humaN race realizes they have committed such wroNg
ONly theN caN the Nightmare fiNally die aNd go away
but it seems the Nightmare will always see aNother day
aNd coNtiNue its life of agoNy
all EYES look back with a stare
maybe ONLY the Nightmare really does care

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