Update for Girls Going Global - July 21, 2004

Hey everyone! This is Jenny again. Once again I am asking for help with the club. If you would like to take over control or anything of that nature send me an e-mail at Devline32@hotmail.com. Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of this club! All of you have helped create one of the largest and longest running girls' clubs one the Internet. You are all awesome! Thanks for your help!

Feel free to look around and fill out the join form, current members feel free to email me so we can talk!! Send suggestions or whatever else you would like! Also PLEASE sign the guestbook. It is a great way to know who has visited the site.

If you are a member and you don't have the member's pasword please e-mail at Devline32@hotmail.com. Thanks!

GGG Spirit Page-The club's spirit page for the site fights.
Join the Club-A form to use to join the club.
Updates Page-An easy way to find out what's new at GGG.
MEMBERS ONLY PAGE-A password protected place for members only.
About the Club-Facts and details about joining the club.
Embarrassing Moments-Some Embarassing things that have happend to other members.
Members of GGG-The list of members in GGG.
Makeup Tips-Tips on how to do your makeup.
Jokes Page-See jokes sent in by other members.
Awards Place-Look at the awards GGG has won.
Win the Award-Win the GGG Cool Page Award.
GGG's Mouse-The club's pet cyber mouse.
GGG Cyber Pets-They are so adorable!
Cookbook-Some good recipes.
Webrings-Webrings the club belongs to.
Facts About the creator of GGG-About me
Girls Going Global Greeting Cards-Send an e-card to a pal.
Pen Pals Page-Join the penpals group.
The GGG Village-Visit the village. It's the coolest place around!
Memberships & Clubs-Some clubs and memberships of GGG.
Midi's & More-Some neat songs you can listen to or get for your page.
Advertising-Some programs that GGG supports.
Banner Exchange Join Form-Join the Banner Exchange if you have a web site.
Banner Exchange Members-Cool pages to visit!
Add a Link Form-Add your site to the club's links!
Add a Link Members-Cool links you should see!

ZZN Account
This will give you free e-mail with the ending GirlsGoingGlobal.zzn.com. It's easy so sign up!
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This is our club mascot. The contest for naming him is over. The name is Bailey. Wonderful to be finished with it. Thanks for your ideas!

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