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Somewhere between last month and this month there was a massive change in how the country was perceived by those who claim its citizenship. in August, people may have argued but rarely too seriously that the government is too big or too small or that the American Way is good or bad. Some people felt strongly about foreign policy that allowed the ?greatest military power in the world? to bomb, occupy, and democratize struggling nations.

This nation had never been attacked within the borders of the mainland. the islands somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean were different; they were vulnerable. besides, they made a great movie about it.

that attack was on a military base. when someone attacks the US, it should be on a military base. however, that has not been the United States foreign policy. In fact, in the past, first hits have been directed at communication centers-- television stations, radio stations, any form of broadcast.

Now this impenetrable force has been hugely attacked on the mainland in the center of the American economic world. From the uproar one would think no anarchist has ever lived in this country. From the way people discuss the President, it is difficult to believe that anyone opposed his position in that office.

this is not something that should change; nationalism is helpful during war. it is just important to remember that the leadership of this country (not so much George W., as he just recently acquired the office) has done some horrible things in the past. this country has stepped on the toes of the nations, and now they are pushing back.

Granted, this in no way justifies the massive loss of life. the painfully low numbers of bodies found, of survivors taken to hospitals adds to the horror of the situation. the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon were something beyond estimation.

America as a nation has imposed capitalism and democracy on a world that considers other options viable. A good number of Americans like democracy (even though the country is actually a republic) and capitalism, so this is the American way of life. While the enforcement on other nations of this way of life is not admissible, neither is the impression of any other life style by any other force acceptable, especially by such violent means.

now the government is preparing and undertaking war. in retaliation for the people, the troops will kill thousands of other people. People praying will die. people eating, sleeping, and loving will die, just like the Americans in the World Trade Center as well as those trying to save the people inside. As life as we know it comes crashing to a halt, keep in mind that all of this was brought about by the simple refusal to allow others to live and let live. regardless of whether the polls tell the American people that they love the government and want to go to war or the exact opposite, the fact of the matter is that this attack has caught their attention and is making them consider the basic elements of their lifestyles. What those behind this plan may not appreciate is that Americans are coming to the affirmed realization that they like the way things were in their lives.

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