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First a few little words of wisdom from Ian. When you go to one of my subpages, I suggest you hit reload or refresh or whatever you have to ensure what you see is the latest edition of that page. That's all the wisdom I have in my little brain for you for today.

Hey, people, if you belong to or just know of a cool web ring I could join, send me a link, I'm always looking for new rings to join.

I've gotten some criticism (from one person) for not changing the following message. Even so, I don't plan to change it. If new people come, I wouldn't want them to feel totally bewildered, so I will always keep this little intro here. If you don't like it you can go...never mind.

So anyhoo, some of my friends have web sites. It seems to be the trend to, before getting into anything big, give a little introduction to yourself. So I guess I'll just succumb to the pressures of becoming just another brainwashed drone and follow their example.

I am a fifteen-year-old boy. I live in Napa, California where there is nothing to do, ever, no matter how hard you look. You can probably tell, because how would I find the time to do something so time-consuming as building a web site (and one so sexily wonderful as mine) if I had a busy schedule? What a boring little paragraph.

Here's where I tell you what this page is all about. I'm completely obsessed with Dharma & Greg, so I will do my best to talk as much as I can about it on "Cuzinpercy's Dharma & Greg Page". Secondly, I pride myself on my "rantings" page. Every week I think of a new topic to rant about. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes not, sometimes I talk about my necrophilia. I also feature short stories. Thirdly (is that even a word?) I have "My Page of Kick-Ass MIDIs. My brother thinks MIDIs are stupid, cheap, and artificial-sounding. I say "SO?". But I also say check out "lean.mid", the MIDI version of "Lean On Me", it is so great, it'll put you in a good mood in no time.

Hey...If you like this page, and I know you do, send it to a friend. The more readers the better, and I'm not going anywhere...STACY...so get the frickin' word out!

Here goes...

Cuzinpercy's Dharma & Greg

The Rantings Of A Sanity-Deprived Child #5 All I Wanna Do

A Little Bit O' Culture(SEND ME POEMS & STUFF)


The Promised Short Stories(Know any other good ones?)

My Page of Kick-Ass MIDIs

My Quotes Page

Miss Chi-Chi's Page(I'm always adding more pics and sounds)

A Posey

Win my award!

My Kenny G Page (I hate him, therefore he must have a spot on my page. Plus, I thought this guy's story was kind of funny, though I'm sure he did not intend it that way.)

See the web rings I've joined.

My guest book!

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Don't forget to go to these other pages, if you please.

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Check out the hicks' page! Thanks for putting that link on your site, Liz.

I made it myself!

You are the person to feel totally bewildered at the point of this site.

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*I'm not applauding the "Wazzup" culture, I'm making fun of it.
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