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"Scully loves Mulder, and Mulder loves Scully." -- Chris Carter

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I apologize for the temporary "mess" in the fanfic area; Gossamer has undergone many changes recently, as you know, and I haven't had time to adjust all my links. I've already archived most of the fics myself, but the larger fics I'm afraid still have broken links. Let's hope Gossamer has found its permanent home this time, bless the hard-working archivists! (I'm looking for a lost fic, Sheryl Clay's This Woman, This Man, that got lost in the Great Archive Shuffle. If you see it, please let me know!)

(There are quite a few errors on this site that I have yet to straighten out. They aren't obvious, though. They just bother me ;) I'll fix some of the broken links ASAP.

BTW, those of you who don't know, if you sign my guestbook and leave an XF-related URL, it will automatically be included in my links section. Thanks for visiting!

On a completely unrelated note, I will be attending UCLA this fall. And while I leave town for the summer, this site will be temporarily orphaned.

Updated as of April 23rd, 1999
"Chronicles of a Fanatic" updated with photos from previous visits

... visit the new addition to the XFU family: Chinese Foreign Studies
(note the message on the front page)

...explore new quotes from the most recent episodes, new articles, and new graphics

... a new batch of pictures

... new fanfic: MD1016's Teetering, CazQ's Seconds Etched on my Skin, and Luperkal's Synechdoche

The Playing God Premiere

The LA Expo Experience

New!Chronicles of a Fanatic
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