"A drinking club with a running problem"

Our web site address is... www.geocities.com/sdmissionharriettes
(be sure to tell your friends and update your links - thanks!)

And our email address is sdmissionharriettes@yahoo.com

While you're here, don't forget to sign the guestbook,
but if you have a question or need a reply, be sure to email us directly.

yeah, yeah, it's been a while since this page has been updated... well - we've been busy!!
but check back soon for new stuff!

ok, so we never did get photos up from the Leather Run... or the Analversary Bash...
those of you that had (have) pics - the only way to get them posted here is to let us know.

(If you weren't there, here's what ya missed - look for other bashes in the future...
flyers from The SDH3 Second Anal Leather Run, and The 1998 AGM Anniversary Hash Bash)

Upcumming r*ns and

Things to know when hashing with us...

Some old R*n Write-ups (we could use some recent ones...)

And our Photo Gallery with some additions from High & Tight

(cum-on! send in some material!)

Hash Links have you seen Hash Boy yet?!

More... Links, Free Stuff... etc.

North-South Intercourse '99 !!


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Or buy a book! Uh, wait a sec... can hashers read?? maybe you should try a cd...

(you're the th/st/nd/rd wanker to try to look up our skirt since 2/11/98...

San Diego Mission Harriettes, member of the
Hash House Harriers Web Ring

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