It's a rainy day - it often is in Drasnia - and you walk on the streets of Boktor. You turn right to a quiet street. You come to a big building of stone. You wonder what might be in there, so you enter the building through a little door. Curious, are we? You've been in Drasnia too long already... On the other side of the door, there is a big, dark room filled with a lot of stuff. You notice a little door. A guard stands by it. You expect trouble, but the guard just bows and opens the door. A little bit puzzled, you enter. Now, how smart is that? You have to be careful, my friend... On the other side of the door is a big, light room, there a lot of people are sitting in groups by their desks, reading documents and sorting information. It's possible that you can find out what king Korodullin ate for breakfast, if you just ask the right person in this room. But hey, there are better things to do here. On the other side of the room, there is another door. Don't you think is time to enter?


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