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These are some of my favorite places to visit just for fun!! I hope you will enjoy them, too! If you know of any fun places not listed here, please email me...I'll add them!


Cyber Trolls
Maptroll's selling her GOTTA check it out!!! Also selling Barbie and others.
June Nietman's California Troll Call
Nifty pics! June sells some of the greatest trolls...sends out a sales brochure periodically.
Troll Forest
The Kuuskoski Family's Trolls...a really cool place!
Collector's Connection
Trolls for sale.
Donna's Collectibles
Troll Auctions!
US Trolls
New Norfin Trolls!
Dragonhord's Home Page
Trolls for sale.
eBay Auction Classifieds
Click on search; type in (troll,trolls); enjoy!
The Forum Online Antiques Market
Trolls for sale.
View the Troll Ads
Troll Classifieds.
Russ Trolls
Buy Russ trolls here


High Peaks Gift Shop Online
Handmade trolls.
Home of the Trolls
Trolls made by the Arensbak family.
Poem by Diane Scalia
Nyform Troll Collectors Club
Magazine/History/Join Club/General Info.
Scandinavian Touch
Trolls for sale.


A & T Collectibles
Great pics!!! This is one of my favorite sites!!
The Moomintroll Home Page
Goblin King's OnLine Guide to TROLLS
A really cool NEW troll site!
Under The Bridge
Richard O'Krogley's Website...very, very cool!!
A Website Dedicated To Trolls
The Rottentrolls
Russ Trolls
Buy Russ trolls here

Check out this site to find awesome to Sue, she's really nice and helpful!

World of Mohair

My Trolls


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