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Hi, Welcome to The Gallifrey Election Screen, formerly at That page is now obsolete. Here, you can cast your vote for the president supreme of Gallifrey...
You can vote for anyone

This page will be updated once a month or sooner I haven't updated for a while, because of problems with my password at geocities. Any forms sent since last September should be resent. Thankyou

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Alex's Doctor Who page : Go to an excellent Doctor Who page

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Dalek Applet : A quaint little Dalek game

Harlequin Miniatures

An excellent page of newspaper cuttings and letters etc.

Coming soon to this page...

Trial of a Timelord - a small group of fans debate the fate of The Doctor, does he deserve to die for his crimes

8 regenerations, and counting - What does the public think of Paul McGann?

Relative Dimension:

Relative Dimension is a 3 weekly Doctor Who fan meeting, lasting from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The 1st meeting place was in England, nearish Newcastle, and set up by Benjamin Goudie, Nicholas Moore, and friends. It consists of a 100 minutes or shorter video, a quiz, and a good long look at the recent Doctor Who pages on the net (and in the Doctor Who magazine).
So start a Relative Dimension meeting where you live, and then on a set date, we can send a signed letter from each meeting place, signed by every member, to the BBC, and demand new Doctor Who.


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