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Spirit Weavers is an incorporated church which focuses on personal spiritual growth, self actualization, extended family, interpersonal relationships, and alternative lifestyles. We are a Branch of the Church of All Worlds.
We support personal spirituality and utilize ritual and energy from various traditions.

Our quarterly newsletter is CAWBWEB. We enjoy varied monthly meetings, rituals and social events. These include, but are not limited to, ritual, magickal training, gourmet potlucks, drumming circles, games parties, movie treks, bonfires, dining out, museum musing, chocolate, zoo expeditions, computers, theater, kite flying, camping, flying, dancing, philosophical discussions, travel, conversing, puns, jokes, sports, alternative lifestyles; anything that involves a chance to expand one's horizons either in spirit, skill, knowledge or enjoyment. 

Spirit Weavers also hosts the Spirit Gatherings and Spirit Campouts which include ritual, water sharing, dancing, drumming, seminars, and spiritual quickening. 

As a group our goals are: 

  • To provide a fun, safe, nurturing, and supportive environment for those exploring alternatives in personal spirituality, family structure, lifestyle, sexuality and sexual orientation, technology, politics, and consciousness exploration. 
  • To create a spiritual home.
  • To provide a safe space for personal growth.
  • To support extended families.
  • To facilitate self-actualization among our members.
  • To interact with the local community.
One of our Waterkin as seen at Starwood 1997

Photo by Ronn Walks With Fire

We encourage anyone interested in joining us, at any level of participation, to contact us. Being Pagan is not a requirement! Contact us at:

Spirit Weavers
PO Box 2867
Toledo, OH 43606-0867
(419) 531-9785 
Fax: 531-2057


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