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Basics of Gardnerian Witchcraft

Ever since we were mentioned in Gerina Dunwich's Wicca Sourcebook and more so since we started this website, we have been getting letters from people asking us to place them in contact with a Gardnerian Coven in their area. We do the best we can.
This page is to aid in contacts between the Seeker and the Coven, however there are a few rules:
1. We will NEVER identify a Witch without their express permission. If you see a name and address listed here, it is because the person is so public that everyone knows who they are (like Raymond Buckland) or because they have given permission (like Rick Johnson) to be listed, or because we know them or of them but will not identify them without their permission.
2. If you want to be put in contact with a Gardnerian Coven, send to us a Letter of Introduction telling who you are, your interests, where you are and why you are interested in Gardnerianism. We will forward this letter by snail-mail or e-mail to whomever we think can help you.
3. Be patient. Anything worth having is worth waiting to get. It may be some weeks before we can locate someone and then weeks more before they contact you. Then months of social meetings before you are allowed to meet the coven and more months before you attend a Ritual and then another year before you are Initiated, if ever.
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We currently have contacts in or know of people in the following places:

  1. Arizona: Tucson
  2. California: Los Angeles, Pasadena, Berkley, Sacramento
  3. Florida: Sarasota, Miama, Pembroke Pines, Baca Roton, Ocala
  4. Illinois: Chicago
  5. Kentucky: Louisville
  6. Maine: Portland area
  7. Massachussetts: Dartmouth
  8. Minnesota: Minneapolis
  9. New Jersey: Neptune City, Nyack, Long Beach
  10. New Mexico: Los Alamos
  11. New York: Lagrangeville, NYC, Shirley
  12. Oklahoma, Norman
  13. Texas: Houston, Dallas
  14. Wisconson: Kenosha, Mt Horeb
  15. Australia
  16. New Zeland
  17. Canada: Calgery, Ottawa, Ontario, Toronto, Nova Scotia
  18. England: London, Shieffield
  19. Ireland: Dublin
  20. Wales: N. Pwllheli
  21. Netherlands: Zeist
  22. Brazil (added 6 Mar 2006)

This doesn't mean that these are the only Gardnerian Covens, far from it! It simply means that these are the only ones for whom I have an address.
Incidently, I can only help you with Gardnerians. If you want any other Tradition, I recommend the Circle Guide to Pagan Groups at PO Box 219, Mt Horeb, WI 53572. It wass $18.00 and well worth the money.
Incidently, just because I list a group here does not mean that I endorse it. As with everything Craft, Gardnerianism attracts the best and worst we have. Within the Tradition you will find people who are personable, approachable, intelligent and more than willing to assist their students and coveners. But you will also find those with an ego exceeded only by thier own lust of power. So be careful

GARDNERIAN COVENS -- If you are interested in helping, PLEASE let us know. If they don't know we are out there, then we, as a Trad, won't grow.
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I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people seeking a Gardnerian coven. And as I try to pass these on to the nearest possible group; I have been, unfortunately, running up against a major and common problem. People change their e-mail addresses often. Thus the letters I forward sometimes are returned as ‘mailbox closed’.
To solve this problem, I am going to start posting here the people who are searching for a group.
If you are a Gardnerian in that area or if you know a Gardnerian in that area, please contact me and I will forward to you the contact letter from the seeker.

As in all things, both sides of this exchange should go very slow in their contacts.
Not everyone who seeks a coven is suitable for either Gardnerianism or that particular coven. If so, then I would hope that the coven contacted will have the wisdom to forward the seeker to a group where they will both be happy.
And not every coven that contacts the seeker is right for that person.

So everyone involved should go slow, trust your instincts and feelings and NEVER jump into anything.
Remember that sometimes passion and a thirst for something (person, place or thing) can easily make us overlook the warning signs and get into trouble.


  1. Bob O. in Nova Scotia, Canada. No luck yet with the N.S. Coven.
  2. Daniel B. in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  3. Astregone S. in Oklahoma or Texas, USA
  4. Doug C. seeking a coven near Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  5. Laura is seeking a coven in Idaho, USA

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People Seeking help with their Lineage

These people are having trouble tracing their Gardnerian Lineage and have asked me for help. Sometimes I can but withthe Tradition so large, this is often difficult so I must please ask you out there to help these people out. After all, if we are a "family" then we should assist our brothers and sisters.
So if you can help, please let me know and I'll put you in contact with these people.

  1. Luciano M. in Brazil seeking Irish or English Gardnerians who know Ann T. who was Initiated by Campbell Wilson.
  2. Melissa S. is curious if the Mary in my Lineage is the same one Initiated by Charles C. in England. I don't think so but who knows withall these cross-Initiations going around.

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Here is some Advice to a Novice. Keep this in mind when you seek contact with any group, pagan or other.

by Rick Johnson

The Coven, being a family, there are many things to consider before joining or being allowed to join. Those in the Coven will make their decision but the Novice must first make his. Therefore a good High Priest or High Priestess will advise the Novice in all these things before he is allowed to join the Coven or the Craft. For the most important thing is that the Novice and Coven be happy with each other.

FIRST -- Know the Craft. Read books written by Witches as well as those written by non-witches. Read also about Traditions different from that you wish to join. Perhaps you will find another Tradition better suited to you.
Many a time someone attracted to the glamor of the Wicca will say, "I want to be a Witch, also." Yet they know nothing of the Goddess or of rebirth or of any other teaching of the Craft. So most importantly, learn what you are joining.

SECOND -- Meet other Witches. Meet with the entire Coven all together and each one separately. Do this in a place where all can be comfortable and relaxed such as during lunch. On another day meet another Witch from the Coven. Ask questions such as: What Gods do you worship? How do you worship? What do you teach? What do I give? What do you give? and many others.
Sometimes will a person obsessed with power call for followers that are taught nothing and do nothing save give monies to the religion. Avoid these. Again a Coven may worship in a manner that is not to your liking. Learn how a Coven works and decide for yourself if you want to work this way. If not, seek another Coven. A good High Priestess or High Priest will aid you in this search.

THIRD -- If possible, attend a rite. In this way you can better see how the Coven works. The reality is oft different from that told in a book or by mouth. Then ask questions of the rite. Only in this way can you know what is being done.

FOURTH -- Be a sceptic but not a cynic. There are many faiths that ask people to "trust me with your lives and possessions, for I am the fountain of all knowledge". A person who claims all power oft has none.
Many people have placed their lives in the hands of a faith in full trust and regretted it later. If this happens, leave and seek another. If a person claims great power, ask for a demonstration and search for trickery. If the person says, "You must have faith in me." then run away for he has no power.

FIFTH -- Love and Trust yourself as the Coven would have you Love and Trust them. They were as you once and will understand your questions. In the Craft of the Gods, you are taught Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. This means trust yourself enough to find a Coven with which you will be happy. If you join just for the name "Witch" then naught will come from it save ill. The Coven is a family and all must be as one. They are asking these same questions among themselves of you so be good enough to ask them of the Coven.
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Isaac Bonewitz

Isaac Bonewitz has written an extremely useful guide that helps the individual determine how dangerous your intended group is. The answers are purely subjective and individual so as I don't have permission to place it here, yet, I will refer you to his site where you can take the test and see if your really should be where you are.
Eventually, I hope to actually include this frame as an actual test with scores and everything.
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To contact me or to request topics to be covered, send to
by: Rick Johnson
PO Box 40451
Tucson, Az.

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