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                                       Simpsons Links Sites
1.The Simpsons Channel -Very good links site for multimedia
The Simpsons Top 100-By far the best Simpsons Links Site
Simpsons Top 50-Original Simpsons Links Site
The Simpsons Folder-The server of several top sites
              Scans and Simpsons Pics
1. Pick's Tribute to the Simpsons-Once again a nice site
Evergreen Terrace-Some funny hand-drawn Simpsons Parodies
Rob's Simpsons Site
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Voting Booths
My Chat Room Links Page
Song Lyrics
Simpsons Pics
Episode Guide Simpsons Lists
Cast Members
Blackboard Sayings
Simpsons Downloads
Take My Survey
This is a farewell to all of you visitors.  I don't know if this insignificant site had any impact on your lives whatsoever, but hey, at least it was chock-full of Simpsons Trivia.  The information will always stand, but without updates.  I'm now focusing on a new site, with handwritten HTML rather than a PageBuilder format, it s called The Weekly Movie Reviewer, and visit it.  It needs your support!

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