Chiquita Hi. I'm Chiquita Eaves, also called ChiChi or Chiquita Banana. I hope you will like mine & Pepper's first web page. We are both pure breed chihuahuas. I'm not AKC registered though, but Pepper is.

Pepper is a "toy chihuahua" and I'm a "miniature". Last fall we tried to become first time parents, but sadly it didn't work out. It is now April, it looks like we may be pregnant again. I have started feeling bad and laying around all day again. Hopefully, we will have puppies in about five weeks if I have estimated the time correctly.

We are going to try to get more done with this page soon. Check back around the end og April to see what what have accomplished.

Some of our favorite things to do include:

Chichi with Elvis, Donna's best friend

Pepper playing with Muffin a few years ago

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