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Many people have radar detectors, do you? The question is why. A radar detector will not keep you from getting a traffic award. They can not tell you where a police car is. They can not tell you that a police car is comming toward you. They can not tell you that the police car comming toward you has a radar unit. They can not tell you that an air plane is above you. So why do you have a radar detector?
The only thing a radar detector is good for is alerting you to the fact that you have already been caught exceeding the posted speed limit. Sure the old X band radar guns that some officers leave running all the time will set off your radar detector. But the fact is that very few departments (smaller departments with less money) still use these old radar guns. Almost all police departments are equiped with current radar equipment. Your radar detector will not go off just because I have a radar gun in my car, I have to have the gun on and have to actually "clock" you to set your detector off. It takes only a millisecond for me to register and lock in your speed. It takes your radar detector 1/4 of a second or longer (some take more than 2 seconds) to pick of the signal set out by the radar gun. The only thing a detector is good for is telling you that you have been had.
The stalker and laser guns will have you locked in and the police car will already be pulling off to the side of the road to come and get you by the time your detector goes off. If you don't belive me, go to your friendly local police officer and see if he will show you how his radar gun works.
So why do you have that detector? The answer is because the companies that make the detector are the SAME companies that make the radar guns. They exploit this and take full advantage of it. They sell us a new radar unit, then a few months later they sell you a detector that will pick up the new guns they sold us (rember though that those new dectors will only pick up a radar gun when is is on, running, and has already "clocked" someone). Then once they sell you the new detector, the make a new radar gun to sell us. This process goes on and on. So the next time you are pulled over and start to curse your detector for not working, just rember that YOU were the one that bought it knowing that all they are good for is saying "you have been had."


I need people to tell me of classes offered so I can list them on a new page that I have in the works. If your department puts on any classes or you know of any classes tell me so I can tell others who are in need of CEU's. Also if you have a link that others may like tell me via e-mail and I will list it.

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