Fuck you, Yankie, I bomb your Trade Center!

Last update: Thursday, 27 December, 2001 6:45 PM


Mr Bear

What do you think of the lovable fuzzy guy?

He is an abomination, you sick fuck
You should be put away for creating that THING
I'm going to shoot you
Yep, he's fuzzy
Will you marry me?
Can't answer, still laughing

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Cybertech, Crazy Elf, Girlfriend

I keep hearing that there are people who aren't viewing my titles in the correct font. Pitty it's illegal to download the bastards.

Crazy Talk - 20/12/01

I write a lot about lies2, do you know that I've doen fifty of these fucking things?

Poetry - 10/3/01

More hate filled dribble for the masses. Look on the bright side, most of them rhyme.

Crazy Elf is Satan - 12/10/01

Like sewage, they just keep on keeping on...

Mr Bear - ?

Falls into the category of, "No scanner, give me money you insatiable fucks."

Earthdawn - ?

We've been in the same combat sequence for two - three months. I'm tired... so tired. When it ends, horay for another posting.

Why the fuck did I make a new folder for this? I have no idea... do you care? Didn't think so.

Shadowtalk - ?

This has been dead for ages. Now it's up here I may actually do something with it. Horay for me... you better be saying that. Say it, fucker, say, "Horay for Crazy Elf!"

I hate you.

Others - 18/3/01

New section for other people who have interesting things to say and nowhere to say it. Read the into, you lazy fuck.

Quotes - 25/12/01

It's an archive, enjoy.

Talk to the elf at PumpkinCarriage@hotmail.com. He'll tell you to go fuck yourself! Why is the elf talking in third person? I don't know!


The Mighty Buddha - Thats like being special ed and having cancer.

25th of December, baby goth bagging is the gift that keeps giving.

Me - Fucking fagmo goth buttmuch fagmo, that's what you are. You and your "I'd kill myself". Yeah, well why don't you FUCKING DO IT, BITCH! I'LL FUCKING DO IT FOR YOU!

Slud - Tell us how you really feel...

21st of December, ranting and understanding.

Influx - It was the best penis ever...

19th of December, not talking about genitalia.


ICP, get them to Oz!

McFrost and Tre are in the Hall!

DV8 my baby!

Ranting elves and hatered!

Why america sucks arse!

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