MMP: May 27, 1998-October 25, 2000

Well, that's it folks. The MMP has come, and now the MMP has gone. The results of Final Judgment are posted below, as well as a couple new features I added just for this farewell occasion. A little lower down on the page you will find a listing of the top 25 wrestlers and top 10 tag teams in MMP history, written up in PWI 500 format. I've also put up a separate page for links, featuring shortcuts to a variety of sites (some wrestling related, some completely unrelated) that you may or may not want to check out. If you have any comments on the new stuff, the results of Final Judgment, or just about anything else, feel free to contact me through any of the three old ways:

AOL IM: BigVitoMark

For those of you who have found this site through a Web Ring, I'm sorry to say we are, in fact, closed. I encourage you to go and check out International Championship Wrestling. It's run by a former MMP handler and good friend of mine who knows what he is doing, and his roster features a number of talented individuals who used to play the game here. Go have a look if you're looking for a new fed to join.

In closing, I'd like to thank a number of people who made exceptional contributions to the MMP over the past two and a half years. These people are not necessarily the best roleplayers (though some are), but they are people who went out of their way to help make the MMP an overall better fed for me to run and you to participate in. A special "thank you" goes to...

Dustin Jones: The former Prez of the HWA, I can honestly say that the MMP would never have come into being if not for his help and guidance. If Dustin hadn't been so accomodating in helping me put this page together in the first place and letting me promote it to his roster, there's no way it would have gotten off the ground. So what if he thinks "eskimo" is one of Canada's two official languages...

Jeff Wean: The former handler of a variety of characters including John Korso and Daark, I want to thank Jeff for agreeing to be the unbiased booker for the Virus Richards/Cult Master world title match at Final Judgment. It was nice to be able to, after two and a half years, be able to play a match in my own fed without having to worry people questioning my objectivity. Since I didn't have to worry about deciding the match, I was able to really have some fun with it, and that I did. I'll also never forget September 1999 when a couple of troublemakers with too much time on their hands flooded the Conference Room board with a bunch of donkey photos to protest my biased operation here. Our buddy Jeff traced where the links were being posted from to some high school, located one of the kids doing it and, well, let me just say that the emails that hit my inbox after Jeff told this kid what's what were pure hilarity...this kid seemed genuinely scared that the MMP was going to get its revenge and truly fuck up his life. Funny, funny stuff.

Josh Clements: The handler of Mr. Marvellous and, of course, The Family was a huge help in any number of ways. Anything from giving me a place to post shows when my shitty old 486 wasn't letting me into Geocities to helping me make decisions on close matches, Josh's assistance was invaluable. Then again, the case could be made that he owed me at least that for all the bitching I had to hear over the years from people who thought I pushed him just because he was my friend. Josh also runs ICW, the fed where I know a bunch of the MMP crew is headed now that the doors here are closed.

Adam Kogler, Chris Rotondo, Ron Davis, and Joe Littler: All, save Joe, were MMP handlers who took the time to design logos or graphics to help improve the look of this page. People who were here in the beginning will tell you that the MMP looked like shit when it first opened, and very little would have changed without outside help due to my total ineptness when it comes to website design.

Mark Brombacher and Cody Machler: Respectively, the owner and webmaster at The Bizarr, the first place where the MMP received any kind of permanent promotion. I know I landed at least a few handlers through promoting the MMP on their site, so I hope those who haven't already done so take a second to go check them out. If the staff ever gets off it's collective ass and starts writing again, it's a damn good site. And, of course, don't forget the PPV contests twice a month.

Onix Alicea: Despite the fact that Onix and I probably had a thousand arguments about who was and who wasn't being pushed in the MMP over the past two years plus, I can't deny that Onix did a hell of a job recruiting talent for the MMP in its early days. I'll never forget how pissed off he made my buddy Adam when he splattered MMP ads all over Adam's OOC board in the WWWA. Every now and then I still have to hear about that, but hey, its worth it.

Kyle Martin: The owner of Station 31, one of the tape trading sites on my links page, Kyle posted the most MMP ads ever posted on a single site back over the summer. I don't know if we ever got any new wrestlers thanks to our ads on Station 31, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. Our animated button was EVERYWHERE on that page.

Duncan McFarlane: The man who gave me the crash course in HTML one morning while I should have been in accounting class. What can I say...without HTML we have nothing.

Nate Ashby: Not so much for anything you did for the fed, Nate, but for all the times you threatened to crash Moonelf's computer. You'd think that would stop being funny after a while, but nah, it didn't. Hope you're enjoying your travels, wherever you are these days.

Moonelf: For letting me live out my dream of having an anti-Neil website constructed. If you ask me, this proved two things. Number one, you have too much time on your hands, and number two, basic knowledge of english grammar isn't all its cracked up to be. I guess a proper sentence of six words was too much to ask. But hey, thanks still sticks in Josh's craw that I got the anti- page and he didn't. Don't forget to eat ya dumb bitch.

OK, well, there's not much left to say. I've left up a few select sections for you to take another look at along with the new stuff that was just added. Thanks for the experience everybody. Enjoy Final Judgment.

MMP Hall of Fame

The MMP 25 - The Top 25 MMP Wrestlers of All Time
The MMP Tag Team 10 - The Top 10 MMP Tag Teams of All Time

1998 MMP Year End Awards
1999 MMP Year End Awards

MMP Championship Histories

Results of MMP Pay Per View Cards


The MMP and all of it's wrestlers wish to honor the memory of several great individuals from the world of professional wrestling who have passed away tragically in recent times. We miss you!

A Tribute to Owen Hart


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