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Hi, my name is Fancy.  I was born in November 1993.

I came to live with my mom and sister at the young age of 5 weeks.  My breeder was reluctant to let me go at such a young age but because my mom had lots of experience with newborn puppies and worked for a vet, she allowed my new family to take me.  I'm so smart that the breeder was able to ween me at 4 weeks.  My mom does not recommend this to anyone.  My family was just special.

I was so excited to come to my new home.  I bonded immediately with my human sister "Lisa".  I think she is the world's greatest.  I love my mom too but Lisa is very special to me. 

Now get this, when I was a puppy my sister Lisa asked mom "Do you think she will learn how to play ball?"  See, at the time I didn't quite understand the concept of playing ball.  I never looked above my eye level to see it.  Be careful what you wish for sister.  I did learn to play ball and I'm obsessed with playing ball.  It is my very most favorite thing to do.  I'm very good at it too.  I can catch it just about any way its thrown.  Now Lisa is wishing I had never learned to play. 

When I want to play ball, somebody had better throw the ball.  I will drive you crazy until you do and I don't give up.  I drop it in your lap and bark and throw a fit until the ball gets thrown.  I then repeat this several times for hours.  I do occasionally take 30 sec breaks.

I am the boss at my house.  What I say goes.  My mom says I'm "perfect".  I have a brother named Auggie (miniature schnauzer).  His breed is in the"terrier" group but I consider him in the "TERROR" group. I was not pleased when he came to live with us but I have adjusted.  He drives me crazy.  He did however learn that I'm the boss around here.  Now he's afraid to even look me in the eyes.  I have been known to show him my teeth.  Works every time. 

When me and Auggie are rough housing and get too loud.  Guess who gets in trouble.  It sure isn't me.  Remember, my mom says I'm PERFECT!!!

I hope you enjoy my web site!!!

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