This page is dedicated to hand crafters everywhere - grandmothers and gift givers, those who prefer to give a gift that is a labor of love rather than shop within a money budget. There is no dollar amount attached to the love one can give with a hand crafted gift, the work involved is priceless.

In hopes that some one will find these patterns and pictures helpful in their search for the perfect gift to make, I offer these quilts, patterns and stitching templates for your use.



Scenic Backgrounds

Scenic Backgrounds Pg 2
Scenic Backgrounds Pg 3
Floral Backgrounds
Wildlife Backgrounds
Kid's Stuff Backgrounds
HOLIDAY Backgrounds

The Legend of the Indian Star Quilt

Meet my Neighbors
Take a walk through Dave and Lin's lovely garden.

AquaStar Quilt

Arizona Star Quilt

Broken Star Quilt

Blue Dahlia Quilt

Hidden Pictures Quilt

Carousel Horse Quilt

CATS Quilt

Menagerie Quilt

Two Blue Sampler Quilts

Stitching-Quilting Templates

Kitty's Pages

My High School graduating class and home town.

Silver Anniversary Glenn Miller Festival June 2000

Write to the Glenn Miller Birthplace Society, PO Box 61, Clarinda, Ia. 51632 for more information.E-Mail THEM HERE!

Mtn Hombre's Pacific Northwest Pages!

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