Albert and Mary Teresa Reiling

Frank Albert Reiling was born on 2 June 1862 in Carroll County, Ohio. After the death of his parents, Salomon and Mary Ann Reiling, he was adopted by his maternal grandparents, Frank and Mary Ann Schirck and brought to Iowa. As a boy he lived on a farm near Mt. Carmel, Iowa. On 19 January 1886 he married Mary Teresa, the daughter of John and Anna Wernimont of nearby Breda. The newlyweds rented farms for thirteen years, then in 1899 bought their own place four and one-half miles east of Breda, Iowa. Albert and Mary Teresa's life on their farm near Breda, Iowa, was later headlined in a family diary kept by their oldest daughter, Clara:

"Albert Reiling made a trip to Crawford, Nebraska, in March 1906.

"Mr. and Mrs. (Mary Teresa Wernimon) Albert Reiling made a trip to Minnesota in May 1908 to inspect the Wernimont land property of Worthington. They also visited relatives at Remsen, Iowa.

"Mrs. Albert Reiling and daughter Caroline made a trip Aug. 1910. They stopped at La Crosse and Sparta, Wisconsin, and at Dubuque and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"Mrs. Albert Reiling was Delegate to Roman Catholic Mutual Protective Convention at Fort Madison, Iowa, 1910.

"During May 1919, father Albert Reiling paid the last debt on the home farm with money from hogs at wartime prices." (In celebration, he had the words "Reiling, 1919" painted on the front of the barn. These words remained there until after the turn of the 21st century.)

"Mr. & Mrs. Albert Reiling attended a Convention in Le Mars, Iowa, in fall, 1921.

"Albert Reiling attended Farmers Union convention Des Moines in 1924.

"Mrs. Albert Reiling and daughter Mary spent several weeks in New York in summer 1926 visiting Ed Underberg family.

"Relatives of Reilings and Schircks celebrated 70 Birthday of Father Albert Reiling in Carroll Park, June, 1932.

"Schirck and Reiling families gathered in Carroll Park, 1934.

"Golden Wedding of Albert Reiling and wife Mary Wernimont was celebrated Jan 20, 1936. (date 19 Jan.)

"Last birthday of our Father Albert Reiling was celebrated by Reilings and Schircks at the Clara and doe Schelle home June 2, 1936. Father was 74.

"Albert Reiling was in St. Anthony Hospital, Carroll, summer of 1936. Had serious operations for cancer. Died April 22, 1937. Reilings from Dakota and Collings from Remsen, Iowa, came for funeral. Snowstorm on day of funeral."

"Mrs. Mary Reiling alone in Sept. 1937, traveled to Springville, N. York, to visit Caroline and family.

"Mother, Mrs, Mary Reiling, broke her hip Feb. 22, 1938. Was in St. Anthony's Hospital 4 months.

"On Aug 18, 1940 the children and grandchildren celebrated Mother Reiling's 74th birthday at her home (think we gave her a Rocking Chair)"

Mary Teresa survived her husband Albert by nearly eight years. She died on at the Reiling farm on Christmas Eve, 1945, during a fierce Iowa blizzard.

Mary Teresa and Albert had reared eleven children on this same Iowa farm. The names of the children were:

Children of Albert & Mary Reiling

1- Clara Reiling - Married Joseph Schelle on 31 January 1920. The wedding had been postphoned for four days due to the untimely death of Clara's brother, Gregory. Together Clara and Joseph had five children: Maria, Victor, Rita, Gregory, Teresa.

2- Will Reiling - Married Mary Gehling. Together they had four children: Bertha, Leo, Edward, Teresa, Joseph.

3- Caroline Reiling - Married Ed Underberg. Together they had fifteen childen: Leona, Evelyn, Ruth, Albert, Inez, Irma, Mary, Margaret, Angeline, Joseph, Albert, Alberta, Teresa, Agnes.

4- Regina Reiling - - Married Henry Gehling. Together they had seven children: Frances, Lawrence, Erwin, Clarence, Paul, Albert, Virginia.

5- John Reiling - Married Josephine Schelle. Together they had three children: Cyril, Richard, Edward.

6- Wendelin Reiling - Married Emma Reif. Together they had six children: Albert, Lucille, Harold, Ethel, Ralph, Micky.

7- Theodore Reiling - Married Ann Lamberty. Together they had six children: Raymond, Darlene, Dorothy, Donald, Agnes, Rosie.

8- Frank Reiling - Married Catherine Daniel

9- Gregory Reiling - Gregory died of a ruptured appendix on 27 January 1920. He was just seventeen years old. The day had been set aside for the wedding of his oldest sister Clara. At his untimely death, the Nuptial Mass was replaced by a Requiem. Guests who had come expecting a wedding attended a wake instead. The bride placed her briadal wreath on the coffin, and the happiest of days turned into the saddest.

10- Anton Reiling

11- Mary Reiling - Married Leo Rosonke. Together they had five children: Paul, Delores, Virgil, Leon, and Rose Zita.

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