Max and Eva Montoya

Margarito (Max) Montoya was born on 10 December 1909 in Las Vegas, New Mexico. He was the son of Estavan and Gertrudes (Trujillo) Montoya. He had one sister named Emma. Max married Eva Tafoya, the oldest daughter of Juan and Jesusita Tafoya, on 11 December 1933. Max and Eva lived most of their married life in Denver, Colorado, where Max worked for Armour & Co. and later for the city of Arvada. After retirement, Max and Eva moved to Montana for a number of years, returned to Denver, then settled permanently in Farmington, New Mexico. Together they had eight children:

Max and Eva Montoya and Children

1- Frank L. Montoya (9 December 1934) - Married Virginia Locklear. Together they had three children: Cynthia, Karen, Teresa. Later married Doris, with whom he had two children: Aryan and Arturo.

2- Joseph Richard (Dick) Montoya (3 July 1936) - Married Retha Lindquist. Together they had three children: Kathy, Rick, Susan.

3- David Montoya (10 August 1938 - 4 August 1966) Had one child: Jo Dee.

4- Dorothy Alice Montoya (21 February 1940) Married Allen Gerstner.

5- Margaret Jean Montoya (26 December 1941) Married Robert Whithorn. Together they had one child: Laura.

6- Mary Ann Montoya (8 November 1943) Married Richard Gehling. Together they had two children: Robert Lawrence and Staci Ann.

7- Isabelle Kathryn Montoya (9 August 1949) Married Robert Sherrill. Together they had one child: Ryan.

8- Patrick Anthony Montoya (23 January 1952)

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