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Dedicated to Chandler James, William, and Damian Charles

This site is now in Loving Memory of Chandler James, who sadly departed from this world on 23 February, 1999. He will be missed greatly by many friends and family. He was the smartest hamster I have ever owned, and no other hamster will ever replace him. He lived a rich, full life of about two years, and it is believed that he died of old age peacefully in his sleep. May your soul rest in peace, dearly beloved Chandler James.

Will and Chandler

Chandler James was my adorable Cream Angora teddy bear hamster. I named him after Kyle Chandler, who plays Gary Hobson on the TV show Early Edition. William is my short-haired guinea pig. He is named after William George Zane (Billy Zane-he was Rose's fiance Cal in the movie Titanic). I have web site on both of their namesakes. If you are interested, look in the link section below. I now have a new teddy bear hamster. At first, we thought she was a girl. So I named "her" Ophelia Lenore, and she is grey in colour. She is named after two literary figures: Ophelia from Hamlet and Lenore from Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" (my favourite poem!). But then we discovered that she was really a he! So his name is now Damian Charles. Damian means "tame," and Charles means "a man," so I thought that would be an interesting name. And of course, I also like those two names.

Damian Charles

Hi Pastor Ford! You wanted to be on my site, so....
Rev. Stephen Ford likes John Deere tractors and is a very good minister. He likes animals too, but he likes tractors a little bit more.

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Here is a picture of Chandler's namesake

Here is a picture of William's namesake
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I LOVE Billy Zane!

1997 mrszane@hotmail.com

*This hamster background was kindly provided by Caralee Nelson.

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