In Memory of Donette Rae Jackson

February 12, 1971 - August 8, 1996

Hello, my name is Kathleen Buenemann and I'd like to welcome you to my memorial site for my daughter, Donette, who was killed by a selfish, irresponsible drunk driver. You'll find that this page is in great concern with the tragedy that a drunk driver can cause. I have links to many other victims of drunk drivers, and to informational pages. Please take the time to look through and remember the individuals of whom we all cherish and miss.

Family Concerns
In Memory of my Daughter Donette
Family Photo Album

Award recieved June, 2000

Please, Don't Drink and Drive!

Friends with Tragic Stories
Don Valone's Family
Shanes's Story by Judy Everitt
Desiree's Memorial to her Grandfather
Bev's Memorial to her son Jon
Pam's Memorial to her son Stewart
MADD Victims Tribute

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