JudgeEsther Elizabeth Yardley Milner

"Judge" John Brewitt and Esther Elizabeth Yardley Milner

John Brewitt and Elizabeth Had 7 Children
Benjamin Franklin
William Seaton
George Brewitt
Sarah Ann
Mary Victoria
Lilly Jane
Isabelle Yardley

Benjamin Franklin MilnerSarah Ellen Kinsman Milner

Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Ellen Kinsman Milner

"Frank" and Sarah Ellen Had 7 Children
Benjamin "Fayne"
Newell Kinsman
Caleb Edward
John Randall
Ann Ella
Earl LeGrand
Marshall Corridon

Benjamin Harriet Viola Williams Milner

Benjamin Fayne and Harriet Viola Williams Milner

"Fayne" and Harriet Had 6 Children
Benjamin Fayne "Benny"
Newell William "Bill"
Raymond Edward "Ray"
Franklin Thomas "Frank"
Ralph Richard "Dick"

Raymond Edward MilnerMaria Priscella Paiva

Raymond Edward and Mary Priscilla Paiva Milner

"Ray" and "Mary" Had 6 Children

Paula Rae "Penny"
Raymond Edward Jr.
Thomas Edward
John Fayne

Thomas Edward MilnerRuth Ann Kinsman

Thomas Edward and Ruth Ann Kinsman Milner

Thomas E. and Ruth Ann have 9 Children
Melissa Luisa
Kathleen Marie
David Lance Shelley
Sean Thomas Milner
Michael Lynn Shelley
Joseph Edward Milner
Melinda Brook Shelley
Mary Crystal Milner
Julie Ann Shelley

Melissa Kathleen David Sean
Michael Joseph Melinda Mary Julie

This Milner Family is Believed to Descend from George Milner of 16th Century Aslacton, Nottingham; England.

George Milner's Family Crest
The Milner Coat of Arms and motto He Bridles the Brutal



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