This is from the "Irish Famine"

This is a complete passenger list

PRINCE-DE-JOINVILLE 26 October 1847 from Liverpool

The following information is contained: name, age, sex, and occupation if known.

The following appears to the right of all entries: 26Oc02NI which respresents the date of Oct 26 and the ships code.


BLACK, Jane, 19, Female, Spinster

SMITH, John , 28, Male, Laborer

SUTTON, James, 25, Male, Laborer

DAVIS, John, 48, Male, Laborer

FARRELL, John, 24, Male, Laborer

Michl., 22, Male, Laborer

HALLON, James, 25, Male, Laborer

Ellen, (W) 24, Female, Spinster

Charles (S), 09, Male, Child

James (S), 08, Male, Child

Francis (S), 09, Male, Child

Margt. (D), 03, Female, Child

Robert (S), .00, Male, Infant

HAMILTON, John, 17, Male, Laborer

Mary, 12, Female, Unknown

Wm., 08, Male, Child

Eliz., 06, Female, Chilld

JUDGE, Madge, 33, Male, Laborer

Mary (D), 11, Female, Unknown - DIED AT SEA

Saml. (S), 09, Male, Child - DIED AT SEA

KERNAN, John, 49, Male, Unknown

KANE, Jame, 20, Female, Spinster

KEHOE, Jane, 14, Female, Spinster

MCGARR, Alice, 29, Female, Spinster

James, 19, Male, Laborer

NICHOLS, W.T., 33, Male, Farmer

Selina (W), 31, Female, Wife

Selina (D), 09, Female, Child

Hephsibah, (S), 07, Male, Child

Eliza (D), 04, Female, Child

Thomas (S), 01, Male, Child

Joshua (S), .00, Male, Infant

LEE, Leonard, 24, Male, Laborer

SCHORCK, George, 24, Male, Laborer

McGarrett, Owen, 21, Male, Laborer

WILDE, U., 31, Male, Laborer

U., (W) 26, Female, Wife

JACKSON, Saml., 26, Male, Laborer

Thomas, 28, Male, Laborer

DRISCOLL, Helen, 22, Female, Laborer

LEAHEY, Elizh., 22, Female, Laborer

CRONIN, Murtagh, 25, Male, Laborer

Mary, 22 Female, Laborer

CASSIDY, Michl., 30, Male, Laborer

Patt, 28, Male, Laborer

Cathe., 25, Female, Unknown

CLIFFORD, James, 38, Male, Unknown

GORMAN, Mich., 15, Male, Unknown

BRYAN, Morris, 09, Male, Child

MCKAY, John, 28, Male, Unknown

SHEA, John, 21, Male, Unknown

MCCLANE, John, 30, Male, Unknown

GORMAN, Johanna, 20, Female, Unknown

Danl., 17, Male, Unknown

FORREST, Mary, 04, Female, Child

CAMPBELL, Cathe., 45, Female, Spinster

Christianna, (D), 24, Female, Spinster

GORMAN, Cathe., 27, Female, Spinster

Owen (S), 01, Male, Child

MOYLAN, Jeremiah, 45 Male, Laborer

Cathe. (D), 18, Female, Unknown

SULLIVAN, Patt, 21, Male, Laborer

John, 19, Male, Laborer

MCGALLIGATT, John, 35, Male, Laborer

RILEY, Joseph, 26, Male, Laborer

MCELROY, John, 26, Male, Laborer

Ann, (D), 06, Female, Child

LEDDY, Nancy, 30, Female, Spinster

Mary, (D), 04, Female, Child

REID, Jane, 30, Female, Unknown

CRONNIN, Cornelius, 22, Male, Unknown

Dennis, (S), 04, Male, Child

MCFARLANE, James, 22, Male, Unknown

Margt., 23, Female, Spinster

MCGRECHAN, Henry, 25, Male, Laborer

HANTON, John, 24, Male, Unknown

FLAHERTY, Bridget, 35, Female, Unknown

James (S), 10, Male, Unknown

Michl., (S), 08, Male, Child

Matthew (S), 05, Male, Child

FAGAN, Mary, 20, Female, Spinster

BOYD, Edward, 50 Male, Laborer

Rachael (D), 20, Female, Laborer

George (S), 19, Male, Unknown

Harkness(S), 12, Male, Unknown

Charlotte (D), 10, Female, Unknown

MCCONNELL, Wm. H., 23, Male, Laborer

Edward, 19, Male, Unknown

HALL, Thomas, 22 Male, Unknown

PATTIGAN, Michl., 34, Male, Unknown

George, 24, Male, Unknown

Mary, 31, Female, Unknown

BYRNE, Mary 31, Female, Unknown

Patrick, (S), 10, Male, Unknown

Ann (D), 12, Female, Unknown

FLOOD, Ann, 20, Female, Spinster

Michl., 10, Male, Unknown

Julia, 07, Female, Child

SPIERS, David, 20, Male, Unknown

WOODS, Wm., 31, Male, Laborer

OMALEY, Austin, 28, Male, Laborer

ODONNELL, Nathl., 20, Male, Laborer

MCGUIRE, Michl., 20 Male, Laborer

MCDERMOTT, John, 23, Male, Laborer

Sally, 12, Female, Unknown

MCCULLOCK, Ellen, 18, Female, Spinster

KELLY, Cath., 32, Female, Spinster

COURRIN, Margt., 30, Female, Spinster

Mary, (D), 06, Female, Child

SHEEHAN, Patk., 30, Male, Unknown

MANNING, Thomas, 50, Male, Unknown

Eliza., 13, Female, Unknown

SANDARS, Eliza., 16, Female, Unknown

SHERRY, Barney, 30, Male, Unknown

Mary, 25, Female, Unknown

ROURK, Danl., 24, Male, Unknown

James, 26, Male, Unknown

KEARNES, Mary, 24, Female, Unknown

MCGOWAN, Saml., 21, Male, Unknown.

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