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Devil Doll Chronology
1. Dies Irae
2. Mark of the Beast
3. The girl who was death
4. Sacrilege of Fatal Arms
5. Sacrilegium
6. Eliogabalus
Places to order Devil Doll CDs:
(I highly recommend Cranium Music they have a very good selection of Progressive Rock CDs and are very helpful!!)
Cranium Music (NZ) incl. CD Reviews
Laser's Edge (USA) incl. CD Review
Musea (FR)
Skivhugget Web Shop (SE)
The Freak Emporium (UK)
Tunnel Records (USA)
Progtron (USA)
Other Devil Doll Pages:
Official Devil Doll Page In Iceland
A cool site
The Unofficial Devil Doll Web Site
questions conducted by Aymeric Leroy for the French fanzine Big Bang with the fan club president Rossana Pistolato

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