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The RH Factor
Purple Monsters is glad to be working with The RH Factor to improve awareness of issues effecting people with disabilities.

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Why call this site Purple Monsters a direct response to posting in address book.

I have decided to take the Purple Monsters Web Page in a new direction. I am not getting rid of the informative links to other sites on the web, however Purple Monsters is no longer solely a good links page. I hope with your help it will become much more. Purple Monsters should be an empowerment tool. At times I hope the things you find on here make you angry, and at other times I hope this will be a comfortable place where you can discover that you are not alone.

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Attention Site-Fight Fairies: Please do not spam guestbook with graphics. You may sign but excessive graphics and text difficult to read make my site less accessable to some of the people Purple Monsters serves Thank you for your cooperation

--Ramona Harvey
Founder of Purple Monsters & The Broken Squirrels Society

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I have recieved some awards for this site, and now Purple Monsters has it's own award to give to qualifying sites. Click the icon below to see what awards this site has won and to get information on how to nominate a website for the Purple Monster award.

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