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Thank you for coming by and reading my little stories. I have some up at FanFiction.Net. My Current Obsession is the TV Show Numb3rs (CBS, Fridays. Currently it's on at 9 PM, just before the new show, Flashpoint.
I have, literally, hundreds of Numb3rs stories at FanFiction.net, Numb3rs.org and LiveJournal.
I still love Aladdin and Harry Potter.
Harry is obviously a reincarnation of Aladdin. Both have messy black hair, both are special (Al is the Diamond in the Rough, Harry is the Boy Who Lived.) Both have powerful, magical enemies. Both have powerful, magical allies. Both have Useful Textiles at their beck and call. (Al has Carpet, Harry has the Invisibility Cloak.) Both have discovered Father figures (Al his actual father, Harry his Godfather.) Aladdin has the love of his life, Princess Jasmine and Harry has Ginny Weasley.

Last but not least, they're all too dang young for me! At least the characters in Numb3rs are legal adults!

Getting back to my fan page: This site is devoted to Animation, especially Disney's Aladdin: My favorite character is the Magic Carpet, which is why I set up a web sit just for him.

Have updated this page on 17-July-2008. Most of my online time has been absorbed by Numb3rs and job hunting.
Actually updated the site on March 5, 2003 with the addition of 'Hot Spell 2'
"Hot Spell 2"

This site was updated on October 7, 2001.
Sorry, no new fiction has been added.

April, 2001
I've added a Portrait of Carpet to the Magic Carpet Gallery, courtesy of my friend Heart of the Tiger! Thanks, Tiger!

This link leads to an interesting discussion on how normally inanimated objects (such as a rug) can be given a human personality (such as Aladdin's Magic Carpet.) There are some nice still pictures and even nicer motion pictures. Magic Carpet gives this site four tassels up!
Motion Studies

For a complete list of updates, take a peek at: Updates

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Here's the Romance page of my website.
The Disney Valentine Page!
Drawings by my friend, Jeanne Nagel!

Carpet picks a flower
Here are some samples of my Aladdin fan fiction. I have several stories here already and there are more to come, so enjoy!

Aladdin Fan Fic
Here's a link to my Magic Carpet Gallery, filled with pictures of... oh, you guessed! But the other characters are in there, too!
Aladdin's Magic Carpet Gallery

Here's a link to my
Agrabah's Top Ten Lists
Here are some links to other websites that may be of interest to fans of Disney's Aladdin
Aladdin links
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