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Updated on December 31, 2003
If you have suggestions for updates, let me know!!
This is an example of the replacement VIN tags that I have for sale.  I have them for the 1600 (late tag - no model for year line) as well as the 2000 (early tags with the model for year line - in both the 135 and 150HP models!)  Send me an e-mail (address at the bottom of the page) if you are interested in one!  I can stamp them with correct stamps as well.  Do that restoration right!
If you want to see pics of the car that gave me my internet handle,
Click here for the pictures.
I have also changed the page with the pics of the
67 2000.  If you have been to the site before, you know that the SPCSC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sports Cars) had me on their list.  I am glad to say that I am now a member in good standing!  Take a look and see what has become of the Rustiest Roadster in existence!!
Other news:
OK, another year has passed and I STILL have not had the time to inventory the stuff that I have for sale - a lot of it is listed on the   Parts For Sale page, but some is already sold.  I am open to offers!  If you need something specific, ASK!!  I will be posting some of this fine loot (and anything else that I can dredge up) to Ebay at some point. 

The girls to the right are my beautiful girls.  I am truly blessed to have them!  I need two Roadsters so that they both can ride!!

If you need any help with a Roadster, drop me a line.  I may not know it all, but I freely give advice, opinions and information.
P.S.  I have some Solex carbs for sale!  This is the COMPLETE setup - carbs, intake, linkage, manifold, velocity stacks, heat shield, ID tag, the works!!!! Complete!!  e-mail for info.
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