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These are the pages from which I am able to tinker with the Internet, writing pages, and trying to make a positive addition to this wondrous new Community.

Inside, there are pages with Internet Tips, Home Page Building Hints; Tags and Commands, Windows 95 and DOS info, and, last but not least, a little Attitude.

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New!! Learning by Using Windows95

New!! Post-Surgical Update Ramblings...

New!! Download a compressed (.zip) version of rfc1867.exe, the patch that allows MSIE 3.02 to use EZ Upload! If you don't have a decompression utility (like WinZip or PKUnzip...), you can download the executable from Roy! To install rfc1867.exe, use Windows95 Add/Remove Programs, through Control Panel!

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This site was built upon my unfailing Gateway...
Well, the computer, itself, has been pretty unfailing, but, things like my CD-ROM drive, and, recently, my hard drive, have done quite a decent job of failing miserably!!
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Yes, that's me!

Amazing, eh?  ;-)
As of 5/19/99

     Unfortunately, Yahoo! took over GeoCities in the Spring/Summer of 1999. In December 1999, Yahoo! withdrew it's "support" from the Community Leader (CL) program.

Now who protects the kids?

My First Official Award!!
ModemMom's Award of Excellence!

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