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This site was last updated October 27, 2000


*Note: All material on this site, unless specifically stated, is 1993, 1997-2000 Michael Nickerson aka Darkshadow.
So, please, don't steal my poems...drop me a mail, and I'll most likely let you use 'em =)


My Little World

Slowly turning in my own little world,
The stars my only ceiling,
The moon my only sight.
Whirling in a faceless feeling,
Musing I might;
Pondering I might.

Looking at the cloudless vista,
Neither reality nor a dreaming,
No illumintation, no destination.
Hearing only a distant keening,
Wondering on the instigation;
Baffled at the instigation.

Heading to the groundless void,
Walking off into the sky,
Setting up a relentless pace.
Drawn to the darkness way up high,
Flying to that distant place;
Advancing to that distant place.

Further than the stars appear,
Past the farthest reaches,
Almost near.
Navigating through countless breaches,
I am there;
Finally there.

"Welcome to my little world,"
Said a voice on the air.
I looked around but could see no face.
I asked it then and there;
"Was it you who called me to this place?
Past the stars and moon and space?"

"Nay, you came here on your own,
In a daze,
On a dare."
"Those aren't my ways,"
I said with a glare;
Then with a stare.

For - Poof - it was gone,
And there I was again,
Over my desk and slightly curled.
Clutching my pen;
In my own little world.

by Darkshadow


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