Updated: 03 October 1999

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Hi. I'm Lee and welcome to my own Two Guys and a Girl (formerly, Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place) fansite! This show, while not popular with most critics, remains for me one of the few high points of prime-time TV comedy. So in order to quell my obssession with the show, I decided to make this website to help contribute to the collection of other fine fansites of the show that are out there. If this is your first visit, you may wish to read the Copyrights, Disclaimers and Site Info page.

A lot of the stuff on this website isn't new, but it's still under construction. Changes and improvements are on the way. If you have any problems with any of the links, or comments and suggestions please let me know.

latest news
03 Oct 99

No real news. I made a few updates and corrections, but more will be coming and also more commentary on the show once I get some spare time.

This week's episode (from www.tvguide.com):
Two Guys and a Girl: Teacher's Pet-Peeve
Berg's head is spinning during med-school rotations after the doctor (Nancy Leneham) he's assigned to follow puts him through the wringer. Meanwhile, Pete begins to fear that Johnny has it in for him after a series of near-miss tragedies at the hand of his competition for Sharon's heart. Johnny: Nathan Fillion. Dr. Gordon: Steve Mittleman. Ashley: Suzanne Cryer.

(For previous news items please see the news page.)

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