Hello, and welcome to a new army - an army that shall take over the world! Nothing will stand in its way because it's silverchair's MARCHING FREAKS.

This army was created for silverchair - for them to conquer all! Not only was this army created for silverchair, but it was created by two silverchair fans...My name is Kells and my good friend Danielle helped me to create this army for the 'chair. You can visit my other site- *[super]* vixen, or you can visit Danielle's site- .simplicity..

How about we explain who the captains are of this army...

-Daniel Johns
-Ben Gillies
-Chris Joannou


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Lots more to come!

Please vote for silverchair's marching freaks in the Australian Music Charts. Follow this [ link ] to vote for us. Remember : only vote once a week, otherwise your votes will count as 0!

E-mail Directory
Kells- xmunkyx50@hotmail.com This e-mail is used for the following: Any personal messages you would like to send to Kells, comments and/or suggestions for the site, contributions for photos.
Danielle- ddarcy@home.com This e-mail is used for the following: Any personal messages you would like to send to Danielle, webring contacts, contributions for pictures, and questions/comments/suggestions for our newsletter.
MARCHING FREAKS- marchingfreaks@hotmail.com This e-mail is used for the following: Please use this e-mail to send in information for joining. Also used for any messages you would like both Danielle and Kells to recieve, adding links, trade list submissions, any other suggestions for the site.

You may also get ahold of us through ICQ.
Kells ICQ#: 12286955
Danielle's ICQ#: 18732013


The war hasn't begun yet... the 'chair can't conquer the world until they have the right army, that's why WE need YOU to participate in filling up these roles so the war may begin... until then... goodbye...

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