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01/17/98 - Well, I think I have decided what I will do with my share of webspace that Erik and I plan to get. I will create the Classic RPG page. It will include RPG emulator Roms, for every sub-32 bit system I have time to cover. I also plan to include screen shots, possibly reviews and other information for each game. Until I get the WebSpace, I will post lists of RPG's for each system that I have found or know of on this site. From the lack of a page like this, and the general chatter in #roms, I feel this page will be quite successful. Please look at the lists currenly posted, and please e-mail me with the names of any games I may not know about yet.

01/14/98 - I decided that this page needed some revamping, so I have moved my whats new page here, and added a few more links. You will also notice the cool new tittle graphic, drawn by my friend Erik. Look foward to more graphics drawn by him throughout my pages. Fate has also smiled upon Erik and I. Erik's boss is getting his own T1 internet connection, and he has agreed to give us a whole bunch of webspace for REALLY cheap. So, we need an idea for a useful page that has not been done time and time again. So, if you have a good idea for a page, and don't have the webspace to implement it, e-mail me or Erik

Soon I plan to reformat the page, in a style similar to Dave's Classics as I like the format of whats new, next to the page content. You should also expect a lot more gaming releated content, such as Emulator Rom sites and other interesting gaming pages that have floated on to my favorites.

I am also debating whether I should make use of my brand new color scanner, and start up the web's first decent Uncle $crooge web page. Any input on the subject would be greatly appriceated.


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