Here you can download all of my released songs and find links to related Impulse Tracker pages.

Song Song Length File Size (kb,zipped) Style Rating
Sunrise5:06561Intrumenal Rock****
The Great Unnamed Song4:00159Instrumental****
The Lighted Rock3:46271Light Rock***
Ryanfour3:37212Video Game Rock***
Ryanfive2:10118Piano Pop***
Thinking Again4:09728Orchestral***
Symphony #13:57758Orchestral****
Symphony #2:"Song Bird"3:57235Orchestral*****
Change of Times2:47372Intrumental Rock****
Flickering Images3:25247Piano & accm.***
Canon in D(extended)4:42237Intrumental***
Classy CID4:06288Orchestral****
One Night Ballad 3:08209Guitar Ballad*****
A Sad Song2:59262Synth Instrumental****
Outstanding Spirit2:01215Upbeat Instrumental****
Chocobo Music from FF7(looped)75RPG music***
Surface Tension 3:42575Rock/Instrumental****
Another Universe 5:07340Instrumental/Rock*****
Aquarius4:22 809Instrumental****
Relolution3:52 437Instrumental***
Morning Passion 4:33290Orchestral****
Pachelbel's Remix 2000!(looped)242Techno Remix*****
A Cherished Heart3:57372Instrumental****
DC Riding5:21448Demostyle***
Munfortsal Symphantation 8:47422Symphonic*****
Rocument March4:23293 InsrtmRock****

Page Description Rating
Altered PerceptionGreat archive of music, very nice page layout, great place to go if you write music!*****
Official Impulse Tracker PageGet the latest releases and patches for Impulse Tracker, download demo songs, get latest news, info, etc.****
United TrackersGet or link to anything that has to do with tracking, become a member for free, GREAT PAGE!!*****
Impulse Tracker 3 Web SiteLatest info and features of the expected Impulse Tracker 3 realese (currently not much :(***

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